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What are some of the other ways?

And I've had this for nearly 63.

Wow. They would be kind of great if they had buns.

But that was with the hot fish.  The cold smoked fish I mentioned, typically served with salad, horseradish or sour cream, lemon wedges.  Sometimes little triangles of brown bread and butter, sure. Smoked mackerel often with apple.



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I can think of nothing better, with this platter I threw together from Russ & Daughters this past weekend, than a nice bagel, some toasted rye or perhaps some pumpernickel. That's sable, Scottish salmon, Gaspe nova, and whitefish salad.


An apple somehow wouldn't cut it. Nor would 6 pieces of arugula.

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If anyone is curious, I’m now over 20 lbs lighter, and this continues to be very easy. The main reason is that I am much less hungry on this diet than if I was eating normally.


Now combining it with intermittent fasting on some days, which just means skipping breakfast and staying on coffee and mineral water until lunchtime. This is particularly easy when traveling domestically on business because I don’t usually have time and/or patience for hotel breakfast anyway.


Only things I crave are fruit juice and Foxface sandwiches.

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At a conference most of today. The breakfast buffet, bagels, muffins, Danishes, cookies, sugary fruit. Lunch, sandwiches. Okay, there was salad. I ate the filling of a chicken mozzarella sandwich. I should have carried emergency cheese.


Events like this often have salume and cheese plates. Not always.

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For anyone awaiting updates, I hit my initial weight target this week and celebrated with a glass of orange juice, the one thing I was still craving. I can’t be precise as I didn’t check my starting weight, but I estimate I’ve lost almost 30 lbs in five months.


I have a secondary target which I hope to reach in the next three weeks, in time to reintroduce some cautious carb days in New Orleans. If all goes well, a Foxface sandwich should be next.

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