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What are some of the other ways?

And I've had this for nearly 63.

Serious question:   Isn't eating a whole orange better for you than drinking a glass of orange juice?  You get some fiber that way (as opposed to all sugar), which I would think is somewhat importan

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I'd genuinely be interested to hear the results when you have a lipid profile done.

Back in the old days, kiddies, we called this The Drinking Man's Diet.   The difference being that the alcohol from several drinks a day boosted your HDL, combating the effects of animal fats.   I don't think keto has a similar ameliorating component.

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It is indeed hilarious how many things are now made from cauliflower. Pizza crust, pretzels, pancakes, crackers, and rice of course.


I did try some cauliflower tortillas, but they crumbled when bitten.


I had some cauliflower last night; tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper, and roasted at 400 for about 25 min. It was quite good.

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Having just mentioned this in another thread, I am moved to offer an update. This morning I weighed in at 170 lbs. Since I estimate my starting weight as 209, I am in the vicinity of having lost 40 lbs.


For a while I have been trying to maintain the weight loss rather than lose a lot more, but my weight is still slowly dropping. It’s hard to fine tune.


One negative: I did see some reduction in my legs, which was not desired, and is likely loss of muscle mass, a known effect of long-term Keto.


I have reintroduced a range of carbs, from fresh fruit and juice, to beans and peas, to crackers and potato chips. Not to mention Foxface sandwiches. I need to push the carbs and protein up without seeing the pounds start to tick up.


Again, and this continues to amaze me, I feel no deprivation.

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I guess everyone is waiting for an update.

Next week it will be one year ago I started a strict keto diet. I kept to it for six months, breaking it initially on a trip to New Orleans in November, and thereafter with Foxface sandwiches.

One of the many things you'll read about Keto is that you put all the weight back on after you stop. I am sure some people do. Six months after breaking the strict Keto diet, I have actually lost more weight, although not much and very slowly.  I am still about 40lbs lighter than I was in May 2019.

This has entailed staying with a low to moderate carb diet, which I think may just be a permanent lifestyle change for me. As Orik will correctly observe, this generally translates into low calories, which may be the main benefit - but it is not the typical restrictive low calorie diet.

Carbs I now consume on a regular basis (which were excluded from my strict Keto diet) include oranges and orange juice, some other fruit; crackers; potato chips; moderate portions of beans; a wider range of nuts; and whole milk. I will occasionally eat a little bread, mainly if it's supporting a really good sandwich. I'll eat some rice, typically in a sushi context. I'd like to go and eat pasta at Faro when it becomes possible. I don't miss potatoes (other than potato chips), rice, or pasta at all.

Changes I've made which I see no need to give up: cauliflower bread for regular bread (on a routine basis); coconut (non-dairy) yogurt or labneh instead of regular yogurt; Parmesan crisps instead of regular crispbread; shiritaki noodles instead of pasta.

My lunches and dinners still include a good amount of fat, and I continue largely to avoid the experience of hunger and deprivation - which I experienced not only on typical low calorie diets, but also when eating whatever I wanted.

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