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From: Chambo

Sent: Thursday, September 5, 2019 11:08 PM

To: Dream Team

Subject: Re: 5 good things for kids to do in Boston


That's a wrap, folks ... and a pretty AWESOME performance by the Dream Team ... well done, guys and gals ... I just arrived in NJ from Paris today ... and I shall be going into the belly of the beast ... into the Center of the Universe (that's what they call it ... they're a pretty pathetic bunch, aren't they) ... I plan to take it to 'em and I'm going to be relentless ... I'm NOT to let you all down ... they're not going to know what hit them ... I'm going to jam it down their throat ... and I will accept nothing other than an unconditional surrender ...


take care and be well ... and don't be shocked if your tremendous talents were to be needed in the future ... keep up the training ... stay fit as a fiddle ... and don't forget to eat an Apple a day ... a Big one


maybe we'll Sell Tix to the next event !




From: Maybe Boston’s Best HR Tech Exec Evah !

Sent: Wednesday, September 4, 2019 7:21 PM

To: Dream Team

Subject: Re: 5 good things for kids to do in Boston


Plenty of fruit left...


Swan Boats and Duck Boats, Downton Abbey Exhibit at TheCastle, The Aquarium, The Children’s Museum, The IMAX, The Museum of Science, Harvard Square, Faneuil Hall, Castle Island for hotdog at Sullivans, sailing on the esplanade, Pizza at Regina’s in North End...I could go on, but I want to leave something for the rest🤓


Maybe Boston’s Best HR Tech Exec Evah !


Sent from my iPad


On Sep 4, 2019, at 8:28 AM, The PhD Chemist wrote:


Not much fruit left on the tree...I'm pushing it to get to 5:


1) NE Aquarium

2) Harbor Islands

3) Chinatown

4) Charter a sail at Boston Sailing Center @ Lewis Wharf

5) Fenway Park


The PhD Chemist


On Wed, Sep 4, 2019 at 7:25 AM The Most Fab Female Film Director wrote:


I have forgotten Boston stuff already! 🤔

Moved to Middletown CT in the summer. 😮

Out of the loft and into a house. 😳

Go Wes as they say ‘round here! 🚩




The Most Fab Female Film Director


PS Lawn on D on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon!


Sent from my iPhone


On Sep 4, 2019, at 4:41 AM, He woke up and Chambo wrote:


Oh wow, Boston ... very impressive ... three power plays in the first period ... we're crushing them !


But it ain't over yet ... and It's going to get tougher from here on out ... cuz these guys aren't quitters and jealousy knows no end ... but we got a really strong team ... and I have total faith ...


Ya Gotta Believe ! (ooops ! sorry about that) ...


Go Bruins !!!



From: The Back Bay Bandit and Cape Crusader

Sent: Wednesday, September 4, 2019 3:19 AM

To: Dream Team

Subject: RE: 5 good things for kids to do in Boston


MFA, Maparium, Eataly, Freedom Trail, Boston Public Market, Encore


The Back Bay Bandit and Cape Crusader



From: The Highly Educated One

Sent: Tuesday, September 3, 2019 7:57 PM

To: Dream Team

Subject: Re: 5 good things for kids to do in Boston


MIT (& Museums), Harvard (& Museums), Fenway Park tour, North End, Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum


The Highly Educated One



On 9/3/19 7:47 PM, The Rocket Man wrote:


Old Ironsides, Museum of Science, Children's Museum, top of the Prudential, Bunker Hill




From: Chambo

Sent: Tuesday, September 3, 2019 7:36 PM

To: Dream Team

Subject: 5 good things for kids to do in Boston


Hi guys and gals,


Someone is dissing Boston ... a jealous New Yorker, of course !


How about a quick list of 5 great things to do in Beantown with little ones ...


For kids (and even adults)


eta - just got ages of the kids ... Boy 4 ... Daughter 19


Go !


And here's the rules ... please reply with a Reply All ... ensuing reply-ers CANNOT repeat a prior suggestion ... in other words, great benefits to acting fast ! Everyone is expected to reply ... great penalties if you don't ... stick to the rules ... no funny business


Yours truly ...


Sent from iPhone XI

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Theres certainly no history there to speak of.

HA ! HA !     Total Victory !   Daniel surrenders with barely a fight ...   I was prepared to summon the heavy artillery ... but we'll save that ammo for another day ...   Maybe now I should sta

Daniel, be advised that Chambo is a student of and practices the art of warfare The following is far from firing any offensive artillery from the strategic heights ... the following is just very ligh

Another good meal last night at Tiger Mama, somewhat pork inclined thanks to my diet. Crispy ribs followed by a giant shank with multiple condiments in little bowls (peppers, pickles, and so on). Sichuan spiced mushrooms were not too harshly spiced.


The shank was really good, with a slightly sweet dry rub which was kind of non-specifically Asian. At $32 I wasn’t sure if it was a single or shareable portion. Very much the latter, and I luckily had someone to share it with.


I think it was $58 a head before tip, with a bottle of rose.


I was in the same neighborhood next day, so went to Sweetcheeks Q. Same owner, a few doors down the street. Brisket lunch plate was good, although they could have trimmed some of the really thick fat. Collards, excellent.


Did not have a dud meal on this trip.

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Just to be clear, I never said that Boston had nothing for small children to do.


All I meant was that it's a second-rate provincial deeply racist city masquerading as a culture center.


Hey man, tell us how you REALLY feel ... what's got under your skin ... a little Boston locker room pep talk got you rattled ?


Not a Culture Center, eh ? Hmmm


So New York's got the lead in ...


Academics ? Don't think so, my friend


REAL technology breakthroughs * ? Don't think so ... who did you think is going to wind up solving society's global warming challenges ? NYers ? I seriously doubt it . You going to be there in Dec and Feb, right Sneak ?


Medicine, medical research, bio-engineering, genetics, understanding the very essence of life itself and the vastness of the universe ? Don't think so 


And I dare you to attempt to read The Vital Question and truly understand it at its core, at its depth and all its arguments


Let me be crystal clear ... all this IS culture and the breath-taking manipulation of molecules, nanoparticles and bits WILL BE what this century is known for and it will reshape the world beyond your wildest dreams ... this IS today's culture ... this IS our legacy ...


You're spending to much time sitting in those halls, Sneak ... and the world is passing you by ... 


But if one doesn't understand any of this stuff at a deep level, Chambo fully appreciates how one easily comes to the conclusion that the Boston area is a cultural backwater


And yes, they are probably mixing better cocktails in Manhattan, so I take back everything with no bitterness and submit to New York's first rate status in mixing it up and being a melting pot



* ie not advertising bullshit ... although I can sorta see how chowing down on targeted spam ads may indeed be high culture and fulfill the needs of the Big Apple eaters among us ....

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