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Ou Sont Les Neiges? The Upper Middle (French and other)

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I guess I am not breaking news here, but I was looking around for classic French below the four star level, and really there’s only Le Coucou. With La Grenouille closed for the summer, every last one has gone, including hotel dining rooms. Am I forgetting somewhere?


There’s the lounge at Gabriel Kreuther, which is borderline French in cuisine; the dining room’s entry price is higher than Daniel. I guess The Modern, which might hold itself just below four star price because no tipping.


Restaurant Carlyle still has the style, but the food is American (cf River Cafe).


Okay, Cafe Boulud. Nomad, borderline, French techniques.


We’ve had openings in this category the last few years, and they closed.


Expanding the discussion, Atherton is still at The Clocktower, but the menu now looks all-American, whatever the website says about British classics updated.

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Must need a pretty big casserole for cow au vin

It's made in the style of drunken shrimp so no casserole is needed.

Isn't this boeuf bourguignon?    Soufflés may be the single biggest reason I don't want old-school French restaurants to disappear.

Whenever I dine at Frenchette, I pass by Bâtard and wonder if I should give it another chance. And, jah, tables always seem available online.


Sometimes I wonder if there was some way Chevalier could have worked...


Edited: do we want Liebrandt to come back in this sector, or some place in the higher bracket?

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I just noticed that Chez Napoleon still exists in hells kitchen. Haven't been in 20 years since I lived in that area. Booked a table for next Friday. By no means the level you're referring to but the reservationist on the phone (yes the phone, no online bookings)spoke French.

And that made me excited.

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I was going to comment on the way these kinds of dining rooms have even been banished from hotels like the Waldorf. Even the Ritz-Carlton now has an all-day casual small-plates restaurant.


Then I saw the Pierre has something called La Perrine, which I’ve never heard of. Like the Carlyle, though, the menu is more American than the name. But there’s confit de canard a l’orange and cow au vin as daily specials.

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