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College Football 2019-2020

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Thank goodness, it's finally here!!!


Liking this 'week zero' game with UF-Miami. It doesn't happen often, but Mr. Bonner, this will be the first of 3 games I will pull for UF. The second will be the one you are attending at the Barn. The third will when they face UGA in Jacksonville. Beatdowns are requested for all three. I certainly hope your Gators can live up to that request...

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Anyway, happy birthday!

I'm so disappointed that the ACC bailed out ND. Would have been great to watch them flap in the wind after so many years of insisting they are too special to be part of a conference. Not that any of i

looking forward to ND being the UGa of the ACC.  Both schools even have police issues.

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Saturday-Game of the Century v2.0- #1LSU vs #2 Alabama


Tuscaloosa- population approximately 101,000 + 40ish K when school is in session

285 police officers

Bryant-Denny Stadium capacity 101,821

ESPN Game Day Pregame show on campus

SEC Nation Pregame show on campus

CBS Sports in town to broadcast the game

600 (and counting) media credential requests

60 (and counting) of the nations top high school football recruits and their families

Estimated 50 K + people without tickets to the game coming for the game day “experience”

Game time 2:30 pm

Lots of overserved Bama and LSU students and fans both in and out of the stadium


Oh, and one other thing....


Monday the University was notified Donald Trump will attend. He came to the National Championship game in Atlanta a couple of years ago. Security was a nightmare even with Atlanta having the infrastructure to handle large events. As a credentialed person, it still took me over an hour to clear security at a gate limited to us. As you can extrapolate, Tuscaloosa does not have that infrastructure. This morning’s email telling us to be at the stadium by 10 am because we have to undergo extra screening due to the access our credentials give us. Gates for fans open at 11:30 am. My guess is there will be a lot of those who have that one last drink outside the stadium since we don’t sell alcohol in the stadium, and end up not getting to their seats till midway in the 1st quarter.


It’s going to be a loooong day.

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No excuses. We came out twitchy and flat. But proud of how they played their hearts out in the second half. Tua was a warrior. Was in some serious discomfort postgame. LSU is a good team and came ready to play. I think Joe Burrow won a Heisman tonight.

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