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College Football 2019-2020

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Anyway, happy birthday!

I'm so disappointed that the ACC bailed out ND. Would have been great to watch them flap in the wind after so many years of insisting they are too special to be part of a conference. Not that any of i

looking forward to ND being the UGa of the ACC.  Both schools even have police issues.

14 hours ago, Evelyn said:

Michael Jordan doing a Zoom meeting with Alabama Football (no, I wasn't allowed in the bubble).



I know Alabama is in a different conference than UNC, but isn't this sacrilege?

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Nope. If the person has a message Coach thinks will help the players in life, they are in. Those who've done well, and those who have gone off track and faced adversities. He has been bringing in speakers during Fall camp since 2008. So far this year, in addition to MJ they've heard Auburn's Charles Barkley, Condoleezza Rice, and Tony Dungy.

Before COVID the speakers always came in person. A few others from recent years: Kobe Bryant, Marcus Spears, Mike Tyson, Herm Edwards, Ryan Leaf, Ray Rice, Inky Woods and Marcus Luttrell (the Lone Survivor). Also motivational speakers like Kevin Elko and Chris Herren.

The players and staff really look forward to these. They have no clue who will be speaking until the speaker steps on stage (or Zoom). They get to hear the stories firsthand, ask questions and shake hands (in the old days). It's pretty special.

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As the CDC guidelines say, while it might help, wearing a mask is not for protecting yourself, it is for limiting the chance you will spread the virus to those around you in case you are ill. Everyone has to mask up, practice social distancing and wash their hands to help avoid COVID.

Our players have been outstanding about following the mask, social distancing and hand washing rules. Everyone connected with Football tests daily (and have since mid-July). We've had single digit positives among players and staff since then. 

Once you leave the bubble of people who do those things consistently, you are relying that the people you are interacting with practice the same level of care. Unfortunately, that was not the case with Ole MIss.

They do the bare testing minimum that the SEC requires (3x a week). They admitted yesterday that they are experiencing a large outbreak which will be hard for them to contain. 

Thankfully, so far, all our players and staff (aside from Coach and our AD) have tested negative. They're awaiting the results of another test taken yesterday...

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Nope. The University "schooled" us on COVID and I took the Johns Hopkins contact tracing class. 

2 days is normally the earliest time people begin to show enough virus for the tests to detect. And why contact tracing early is SO important to stop the spread. The average is 3-7 days. It can take up to 14 days for enough virus to trigger a positive, but that is extremely rare.

That's part of how the Gators ended up where they are. Some of their players had symptoms late in the week. But they thought it was allergies, and they (evidently) didn't tell their coaches...so the virus had plenty of time to spread among their teammates from those who were positive, but didn't have enough virus in their system to trigger a positive result whenever their last pregame test was. That's why (knock wood) even if some of our players do end up testing positive, it will be caught quickly enough with daily testing to hopefully avoid it spreading among too many other players. Healthy team one week. Lapse in judgement=not healthy the next.

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