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meal reviews from our recent dc trip

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my reports are going up fairly randomly on the blog.


our first dinner was at the oddly named baby wale. it is so named because it is the informal sibling of a fancier and long-established restaurant named corduroy which is next door. baby wale is a gastro-pub'ish sort of place which means they serve everything from smoked ribs to ramen to pupusas. recommended on the donrockwell forum as a good family pick within reach of our hotel. we enjoyed the meal--but i'm not sure it would be appropriate with small children at peak dinner hours (we were there on a monday evening when it was pretty empty. full review on the blog.


our last dinner was at bantam king, a chicken based ramen etc. place also within walking distance of the hotel. quite nice but nothing worth traveling across town for. more details--you guessed it--on the blog.


our first lunch was at hill country bbq. easy walk from the smithsonians and a big hit with the whole family. the smoked chicken wings and kreuz sausage were particular highlights. sides all excellent too. you'll never believe where the full report is.


more soon.




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earlier this week i wrote up our dinner at laos in town, which serves--you'll be surprised to hear--lao food. it's located in the noma neighbourhood and is a fairly hip space in the contemporary style for southeast asian restaurants. the meal was fine and a good, acidic/hot change-up after two heavier meals in a row (baby wale, hill country) but there's better lao food in the twin cities. now, thip khao--the place everyone recommends--is probably a lot better but as luck would have it they were closed the week we were in dc.


the odd thing though is that though the twin cities has at least twice the lao population of dc, we don't have explicit lao restaurants here--just lao dishes on menus of thai restaurants run by lao owners. my post spends more time on that discrepancy than on the meal itself. there's since been some interesting discussion on the subject on twitter (though the twitter thread is hard to unravel).

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my review of rasika went up today on the blog. i linked to it in the dedicated rasika thread and so will only note here that the meal was mostly uninspiring. only one dish was bad but only half were good (and none remarkable in any way) and the rest were blah. surely, even with the restaurant week caveat, this is no longer in the running for "best indian restaurant in the u.s"?

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