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Mishiguene at Intersect by Lexus

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Yeah.  Oddly, their website doesn't say how long this one's there for.

I should also note that the bar food menu for this residency is extremely attractive.

I'm reminded of one of my favorites from Amor Y Amargo's heyday -- Scandi Gibson   2 oz Krogstad Aquavit 1 oz Cocchi Americano 15 drops Bitterman's Celery Shrub 10 drops Bitterman's Hellfire Shru

We've seen this kind of modern Jewish cooking before, though it sounds like never this well executed (and never, to my knowledge, with Argentine influences).



I'm not sure there are any argentine influences except the big meat idea.

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Rye.  Aquavit.  Mustard powder.  Schwartz's Montreal steak spice mix.  Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray.


Mix.   Drink.  Vomit.


I'm reminded of one of my favorites from Amor Y Amargo's heyday -- Scandi Gibson


2 oz Krogstad Aquavit

1 oz Cocchi Americano

15 drops Bitterman's Celery Shrub

10 drops Bitterman's Hellfire Shrub

cocktail onion


As advertised, tastes like rye bread in a glass. Many years later, still in regular rotation at home.

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Jewish-Argentinian, Japanese-Peruvian... close enough.


We had the kibbeh, the gefilte fish, the foie, the tongue sandwiches, the varenike, and the Jerusalem mix.


Pretty good all around, but I'm more a fan of the small plates than the larger plates. The larger plates seemed fine to me – well-executed versions of whatever, but they just weren't that interesting. Like, they were good, but they weren't really the kind of thing where it seemed to make sense to go out to a nice restaurant to eat.


A lot of the small plates were just fun all-around, though.

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So anyway, there's a decent amount of Middle Eastern food here, and some Sephardic -- but an absolute shit-ton of Ashkenazic (which, as an Ashkenazic Jew, is fine with me). But here's the thing: while the term "shit-ton" is usually all too applicable to that kind of food, the stuff here is fantastic. It's like a "What If": what if Ashkenazic food were good? You aren't even sick after eating it!


Yeah, the music is sort of Hava Nausea.


Pita could be much better but the challah with the "onion" spread and pickle was terrific.



With stomach upset being the theme for all things, well, at least Ashkenazic...Significant Eater and I had quite an enjoyable time here. 


I arrived first (amazingly, The M14 SBS sorta works) to a literally empty bar - and it's a big bar, so when it's empty, it's really empty. Not to worry, the place filled up by the time we were mid-meal, and by the way, the bar area is very nice. Currently, there only appears to be one item on the bar menu not available on the dining room's small plates menu, a short rib pastrami sandwich...everything else is fair game.


I guess if there is one dish served at Mishegene which might invoke a Proustian label to me, it would be the gefilte fish. Actually, it would be potato latkes, but they're not on the menu, so...




I give you the gefilte...just gorgeous...and delicious, the pickles alone were insanely good. Under the roes, fish gribenes, and take that, grandma!


That tiny tongue sandwich, all mine because as I mentioned years ago, SE turns her nose up at tongue - just great, though I could eat like 10 of them. Which might've been a better idea than this rather weird (to me, once again I'm Ashkenazic) fatoush salad...




Overrun by giant pita crisps, sitting in a pool of, I guess, tomato water. This got a big feh from us, while the chopped liver chicken liver pâté was basically supernal. As were the schmaltzy onions, and onion-y schmaltz.


For "dinner," Sig Eater ordered the varenike, which themselves were great, but we thought a bit marred by being served in/with a very sweet onion saucy broth, almost like a French onion soup. For really great varenike (and I guess there are lots of varieties and methods of prep), I'd still head to Brighton Beach and, well, Varenichnaya.


I had birdie...




Which was kind of a hot mess. I couldn't decide if it was too sweet, or too salty, and then I realized - it was both!  Not that I didn't eat it. The next day for lunch, cause we had some leftovers to take home.  Including some of that pita, which on its 2nd day, wasn't all that bad...




Especially after turning them into za'atar crisps!


Oh yeah, we're going back. And the focus will be on the small plates. Just like at grandma's.

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