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MLB Playoffs

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This was a predicted very good team pre season that seemed to fall flat on its face during the season but came alive at the end, living up to pre season expectations.  I watched the wild card game and came away impressed that they muscled their way thru at the end and didn't fold.  The rest has basically been a roll for them &, although I'm somewhat surprised at Houston, losing 2 home games with very good pitchers on the mound, I can't say that the Nats' bats have surprised me.  Can they keep going?

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Managers so often over-manage in the playoffs. Last night was an example of that.

Meanwhile back at the Yankees' ranch - Hicks, Tanaka and Voit will have or have had surgery. The latter two are expected back for Spring Training. Hicks is expected to be out 10 months, but with his recovery history that really means Spring 2021 or 18 months whatever is longer. Guess Gardner gets re-signed. Their injured list continues to grow for 2020.


As for Mets and Girardi - his salary was too high. Mets will probably go with Beltran at minimum cost. After all, they are the Mets.


Girardi really wanted the Cubs over the Phillies, but no way Epstein was going to hire an ex-Yankee player/manager.


Girardi managing Harper is a blow-up waiting to happen.

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