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I was very pleasantly surprised by this small E 6th St. place, serving vegan (mostly) Sichuan food. I tried the General Tso's mushrooms: button mushrooms, battered, fried, sprinkled with sesame seeds and accompanied by a slightly sweet, slightly spicy dipping sauce. And a dish of hot oil, which improved them considerably.


For my entree, I got the mala pot, a wide variety of stuff boiling in broth over a burner - faux fish cake, tofu puff, giant mushroom cap, glass noodles, etc. It was all good, especially the "fish" cake, but mala it was not* - again, the hot oil was very useful. The flame under the burner got a little out of control, which was exciting and caused some consternation among the waitstaff. They managed to extinguish it without anyone getting hurt.


My friend had fried rice with Beyond Beef, which I thought was fine for what it was. Beyond Beef looks like taco meat, so kind of a weird thing to throw all over fried rice, I think. But he LOVED it and actually ditched his chopsticks and ate it with a serving spoon. He keeps kosher, so maybe that was a factor.


*I recently had the Numbing & Spicy crawfish at Le Sia, which I also thought was kind of anemic. Maybe there's something wrong with me.

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