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That Edge-Pro stuff looks genuinely scary.

No, I'm one of those people with the bad knives.  I have Chad Ward's book too, so I have no excuse other than laziness/forgetfulness.

The knife butchers.

Wilf - I went to cook at my cousin’s place. I brought my chefs knife and my knife sharpener.


It’s a shame you can’t get your knives sharpened professionally any more.


Of course you can.


There are a bunch of places in Manhattan which sharpen knives. Used to be one in Chelsea Markets at that kitchen supplies store - still there? There are others in the 20s where people are selling knives and fancy restaurant stuff.


but do these places sharpen with stones?


Korin does, and probably does the best job, especially on Japanese knives.


there are two or three trucks that sharpen knives that I see regularly in brooklyn, I feel like I’ve seen them on the LES too.

Oh yeah - I think one of them might even live over in East River Cooperative.


When I was a kid growing up in Forest Hills, I remember sharpening trucks. And I remember my grandfather getting his lawn mower blades sharpened by the guy.

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We had a guy who used to stop by our old apartment and ask if we wanted knives sharpened. And once I was at the hairdressers and some guy stopped by. All the staff came running over with their scissors. Running with scissors ha.


I keep mine sharp but I just realized they’re overdue currently. Our dinner guests have often commented on how sharp the knives are, if they’re allowed to help chop stuff.

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