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Foie gras ban

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the guardian always one-upping things




One of the worst ways for an animal to die is being chewed to death while still alive. 

you don't say.


Isn't animals getting chewed to death while still alive a fairly regular occurrence in the wild?

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This is such a crock.    The feeding process (gravage) takes place for 18 days and often becomes addictive rather than something the animal fears or avoids.   Compare this to a dairy cow who spends her entire life pregnant or lactating, often standing knee deep in in mud and feces in crowded lots, before becoming hamburger.    But the dairy industry has the fix in and animal rights people will never have he clout to attack the milk industry.   Besides they've probably never seen the seedy reality of a factory dairy.

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Can you be sure they won't shoot you at the border?


I'll take my chances. 


According to my calculations, The Parkway Deli of Yonkers is the single closest restaurant outside the boundaries of NYC to a subway stop, a mere nine minute walk (more like five at a typical New Yorker's pace) from the 241st St 2 train. They may want to consider adding foie to the menu, or doing a weekly foiep-up. 

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