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College Basketball 2019-2020

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two days into the season.  I already want to kill myself.


Hoyas went on a 1-17 shooting run against a third tier NEC team and were down 20 before winning by 12.


During the awful first half AB^2 who doesn't yet understand fandom really was begging me to change to a different game "Look UNC? Can we watch Vanderbilt? This is sooo boring"

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The Alums are so so so so mad.  This is literally the one thing the program couldn't do. 


(one of the message boards had an incredible exchange where one lawyer is parsing the probable cause standards for the TRO. Another lawyer comes into to point out he's assuming civil court standards, and criminal standards apply here.  Other guy calls him "So-called JD."  Guy fires back pointing out that he regularly appears before the SC and the DC Appeals Circuit.  I guess I've gotta find humor somewhere in this)

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