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Dalongyi Hot Pot

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A chain of hot pot that came from China.. I can handle more spice than most and I can say, got damn, this was some firey food.. I ordered the medium soup base and my wife couldn't eat it.. Luckily we ordered the mushroom base as well and she then was able to use the hot pot as a dipping sauce.. but, yeh, hot as hell.... 


I can say that both noodle choices are exceptional.. We had homemade shrimp dumplings and this beef covered in pepper that I enjoyed but, the wife could not handle.. They were lacking on the greens available but, their fish balls with roe were dope and lots of offal and things most people don't have on offer.. think like kidneys and all sorts of tripe and duck blood which I love..  


anyway, i am definitely going back, really excited to explore this place.. I highly recommend... Get the lowest spice and it's also BYOB. 









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