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Since the gas is on, lets get the discussion fired up.  Imo, this is the most exciting opening in NY in awhile.  I was at the F&F dinner which showed lots of promise, but basque food is deserving of and benefits from fire, which is now possible. Wine list is going to be stellar.  Much of the opening team from Frenchette is there.  Chef is Ryan Barlow (a dear friend), as I'm sure you already know.  He's a very talented guy and he lived in San Sebastian, which is the inspiration for the restaurant.

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To be fair It's not visible except to someone who's inclined to guess which unlinked URLs are likely to exist. 

Nice coverage. (For heaven's sake - Tocino de Cielo - bacon from heaven, not del Cielo - of the heaven, to continue our theme...)

Noisy.   Wine bar "area" may now be open.

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Yes!  You see a quarter-constructed website, with a background redolent of the Basque country and a picture of the principal staff and of what appears to be a characteristic dish (but other photos that are clearly generic template items).  Where the menu is supposed to be, you see the template's generic entries of "Flat White", "Cortado", etc., each followed by, "Here is a description of your product."  Where the hours should be, you see, "to come".  Where the phone number should be you see, "555-555-5555".  Etc.

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