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1 hour ago, Orik said:

That you can get into Dhamaka, Ernesto, Iris (and the others I didn't check but surely) tonight tells you everything you need to know about the current state of affairs in nyc dining. 

Conversely, what can't one get into tonight?

And I'm guessing you're not thinking it's only because it's a Tuesday night?

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To be fair It's not visible except to someone who's inclined to guess which unlinked URLs are likely to exist. 

Nice coverage. (For heaven's sake - Tocino de Cielo - bacon from heaven, not del Cielo - of the heaven, to continue our theme...)

Noisy.   Wine bar "area" may now be open.

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5 minutes ago, sweatshorts said:

And we canceled *that* in favor of Cosme. Cosme was great!


5 minutes ago, sweatshorts said:

Sometimes you just do whatever your dining partner wants to do 🙃

This is all kinds of true.

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