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To be fair It's not visible except to someone who's inclined to guess which unlinked URLs are likely to exist. 

Nice coverage. (For heaven's sake - Tocino de Cielo - bacon from heaven, not del Cielo - of the heaven, to continue our theme...)

Noisy.   Wine bar "area" may now be open.

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Finally made it in this eve. Nice.


The opening salvo: Gildas, Uni Tortilla, Pulpo - all excellent.


Ensalada Ernesto - it’s a salad. Nothing exciting.


Callos - lovely. Won’t unseat the Trippa at Babbo as my #1 in town, but real good stuff. Dig the bits of morcilla studding the sauce. Would gladly sit at the bar with that, a hunk of bread, and a beer. (Speaking of, could have used some bread on the side for sauce soppin’)


Rabbit - I hesitate to call this a rabbit dish. It was a bowl of beans with a rabbit sauce. Homey, tasty (though the sauce was a bit similar to the tripe) - the trio of snails on top (Peconic Escargot, the snails of champions) I liked, but texturally might not be to everyone’s taste. They came across almost rare. The dish as a whole really could have used a meaty leg in there, a la a cassoulet. As it was... it felt more like an entree-sized portion of a side dish. Halve the portion, call it “white beans with rabbit ragu” and it’d be fine.


Will be back. Looking forward to when we won’t have to plan three weeks in advance to get a rez.

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Was your salad (and the rest of the food I guess) also sauced using some refined vegetable oil?

I couldn’t even tell you what was on the salad. It was pretty generic. Decent olive oil pooled around the gildas.


As long as it all tastes good together, I ain’t mad. If they’re using cheaper stuff in some of the more aggressively seasoned sauces, no biggie. Would a glug off good fruity finishing olive oil have improved the beans? Yes, but they’d still be a side dish in entree’s clothing.


If they’re cutting some corners, I tend not to notice as much at a nicer-ish place where the majority of entrees are under $30, which is becoming more and more of a rarity these days. Could things be elevated a smidge more? Sure. But we were actually pleasantly surprised that with four drinks, our tab was under 100/pp.


Only other complaint was the plates. They’re too big in some cases. The tables being on the smaller side, I kept worrying one was going to go over the edge. The Callos certainly didn’t need a charger the size of a Buick underneath it.


I suppose they could use a coat check. Or seats with higher backs. They’re just low enough that my coat (mid-thigh length) draped on it was dragging on the floor.

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Wine bar "area" may now be open.

Yes, wine bar opened on Thursday and the coffee shop opened today, but they're not announcing for a bit to give the neighborhood first dibs.  I had a very very good crab dish (sort of a gratin but not sure what it was called) that is on the bar menu but not the restaurant.  It was gifted fwiw.

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