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The artichokes with almond sauce are scary good. I got the last bar seat (again!), and a better one this time, further back and less susceptible to crowding and jostling. I also had the baked crab, which was nice, but more suited to sharing, as it was quite rich and salty. Also an orange wine I actually liked! Vegas Altas. Which I paid way, way too much for, I see now. Oh, well.



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To be fair It's not visible except to someone who's inclined to guess which unlinked URLs are likely to exist. 

Nice coverage. (For heaven's sake - Tocino de Cielo - bacon from heaven, not del Cielo - of the heaven, to continue our theme...)

Noisy.   Wine bar "area" may now be open.

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Dropped into the wine bar/cafe last night, for some bites and some wine.  Lovely little space, obviously a little less comfortable than the main resto, and you're practically sitting in the kitchen.  


The cafe is now open all day, starting at 7 AM on weekdays, 8 AM Saturdays, until 4. At 5:30, turns into the wine bar, with most of the same (all? extra?) pintxos available.  Coffee from Tandem, in Portland, Maine.

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I think the food at Ernesto's has improved since opening.  Ryan says it has "tightened"; I'd say it's become more precise.  Certainly everything I had last night was excellent.


The standout was a baked crab appetizer, which was just great.  Orik would have thought the rabbit/snail/bean stew was too salty -- but I didn't.


COMP DISCLOSURE:  A drink or two or three.

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The supernova level of coverage and love it's receiving makes it that I won't be here for a while (was able to at least try Golden Diner for lunch over the holiday season on a weekday off going at lunch right before they opened and 5 minutes after being seated, there was a 45 minute wait). And good on Ernesto's, most of the acclaim seems well deserved but this post on Bon Appetit is...a bit much:




In particular:




Just because that’s my move, doesn’t mean it has to be yours. Maybe you make the warmly lit, flower-filled space into a temporary residence over a relaxed five-hour dinner. Maybe you stop by Ernesto’s café next door for coffee and pastries on Saturday mornings. Maybe you drink wine at the bar before heading to some other Lower East Side spot. Whatever you do, you know where to find me, perched at the bar, eating pintxos, and drinking vermouth all night long.




How in the fuck is this even remotely possible?  And don't get me wrong...I would LOVE to have a five hour experience at a restaurant I liked. I love a long meal. It's happened once or twice in Europe.

It's happened at Forlini's (!!!) but that was by starting at the bar then going to the dining room and ending at the bar again. There is room for that there and I've been going there for 15 years.

Are people partying at Ernesto's like this?

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