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i first met Carl when I was 15 years old.. He was as true then as when as he was an adult.. He had an infectious personality, a passion for food then as he did now.. We use to bbq at the beach and he was the life of the party.. Over the last 8 years or so we reconnected through social media.  I watched his rise and fall, his rise and fall and again his rise and he did it with such class.. he never let this shitty world kill his spirit.. A true gentleman and as true a person as you will meet.  He could be at a star studded event in napa or at a dive bar in the woods of new jersey and he would be just as comfortable and just as warm and gracious to all those who had the pleasure of being in his presence.  He would eat a ripper hot dog way before he would go to a 5 star French restaurant..  For example, food network chef with a fancy new meatpacking restaurant, the guy moves to Flushing.. I grew up with his friends and everyone that met him knows him as the genuine article.  His life was a wild ride and he went out on top.. my only regret was not taking him up on his invitations to cook with him at a few events or get to have him cook for me at Cubana.  HIs death was a shock to all.. I have definitely re-evaluated some of my own life style choices since his death.. I don't believe in heaven but, if I did, he would be throwing down up there. 

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