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Saying Goodbye to the Last Decade - How/What/Why/Where We Ate

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Since everyone is kvetching, I'm recovering from a laminectomy I had last month. They had to remove parts of 3 lamina (L3, L4, & L5) which were rubbing up against a nerve causing pain to shoot down my leg & numbness in my toes. I was suffering since May. I had 3 epidural injections and numerous physical therapy treatments, all to no avail. The surgery was my last option. At least I no longer have pain running down my leg and numbness in my toes. Although it looks like I have osteoarthritis in my hip area. It sucks getting old, but as Evelyn said it beats the alternative.

You win (so far - anyone else?). Happy Holidays!

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I'm keeping Wonton Amera all to myself.

Sell tough, chewy beef kebabs. Doner Shula’s.

Just don't have an MRI of your lower back; it's practically guaranteed to show other "issues," even if they may not be affecting other "parts."

Epidurals?  I've had a few, but then again, too few to mention.


They didn't work either.  But they sure cranked up the insurance bill!

Yes, at least the deductibles I had to pay for the epidurals covered my maximum deductibles for the year, and I didn't really have to pay anything for the operation.

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Wow - it's a good thing I'm only 23 - have a long time to go before those problems occur.

Apparently, senility has already set in.


Oh, you're referring to my grandfather!!!


My name is also Rich (named after him). I post once in while under the same account since we have the same name and he taught me a lot about food and restaurants.


Sorry for the confusion. In the future, I'll make sure to identify myself as Rich the Younger.


Thanks - once again sorry for the mix up.

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I think the digression is relevant to what we, as a group, are doing ten years later when it comes to dining and cooking. My habits are certainly influenced by factors outside the plate: travel/no travel, good/bad health, disposable income/money too tight to mention, having a young child at home/having a teenage and where is she?, probably a bunch more.

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If I had to say one thing about this last decade, it was Chinese Food.. It was the big winner.. Sichuan, Rice Rolls, Hot Pot, food from X'ian, Dim Sum, Soup Dumplings, $1 Dumplings, (hipster egg rolls) it's been all about it... And it's only going to get better.. More hot pot, like hot pot everywhere.. More dim sum places than chinatown.  Maybe actually some good Cantonese can start popping up.. Which is also sadly happening is, the gentrification of Manhattan CHinatown.. 


Next to Chinese Food, nobody had a better decade than Pizza.  Square Slice, Detroit,  Neapolitan, Bar Pie, Roman Style even Chicago had a good decade.   Where there were a handful of pizza places that were making this good of product, now every neighborhood as an artisinal place..  It's going to be a tougher and tougher market and pizza places should start to diversify... Like how ever place has a fried chicken sandwich, every pizza place should start making some chicken parms or something..   The amazing slice shop will be the next wave.  Coming strong with a slice/square combo will separate the good ones from the great ones.  And of course, slice shop bars will be the best business model.  In fact everything should and will most likely have a bar.  And i really like the idea of artisinal chicken rolls and stromboli.  Obviously calzones are everywhere but, fancy rolls, that's where it's at...  


As for Traditional American Food, it's only going to get worse.. Now that we are at Peak Carnival Cuisine, we are now going to start reverting back to casual diners, which is a step up from Carnival Cuisine, we will call it Gourmet Truck Stop..     But yeh, it's going to be lots of diners. Not like fun Diners hipster diners but, like actual diners.. I was really moved by the palace diner in Maine.. As I think a lot of people were.   But, yeh, diners.  Hopefully more family fun retro restaurants/diners. And of course bowls of non sense.  I never really allowed myself to get into the salad craze that new yorkers tend to eat at for lunch so, I can't comment on that genre but, yeh, lots of stupid fucking grain bowls..  I think the breakfast burrito is going to be everywhere in the next few months.. Starting to see a lot of matzo ball soup... Starting to see posole showing up in non traditional posole places... It doesn't look particular exciting.  Are we seeing mexican diner food?  Like retro shitty tex mex restaurants?  Am I seeing fajitas? 


Speaking about traditional food.. Those Gluten Free bastards thought they were pretty slick but, good for those Vegans.. They even got me for a bit.. Well, so did the gluten free folks... But yeh, as more and more people have chosen to be Vegan.. It's now a good time for vegan restaurants to actually stop sucking... Maybe put down the same 10 ingredients and get to stepping.. Stop getting caught up in the Carnival and Diner Trends and actual make good tasting vegetable dishes that taste like vegetables. Fried cauliflower, scratchy kalad salads and dry nachons with cashew sauce, is not food for adults.  This next decade will have many times more vegans that previous decades and hopefully, the food at the restaurants will stop being gross versions of carnvial, truck stops and asian fusion ,mall food courts.   But yeh, I see people like hybrid vegans like my daughter.. she can go like 3 months as a vegan and then come home and eat a lamb head.  


New York is still deciding to completely ignore the kebab craze. Why, i don't know?   I'll even give someone a name,  Doner Party?  Come on, that's a winner., let's do it NY. . 


So in conclusion,  Let's just eat more Chinese Food and Pizza and wait another 5 years or so until we are out of this terrible era of food courts and bullshit. 

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