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Uncut Gems

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Nothing all that new here and mostly a vehicle for Adam Sandler to play a serious role. Several fun cameos of non-actors. A 2hr and 15 minute high energy roller coaster ride and good entertainment.


ETA: I guess you can say that this film about a degenerate Jewish jeweler is the perfect Jewmas movie to see.

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Julia Fox is going to be a break out star from this movie.. maybe she was a break out star already, but, i never heard of her.   I could see her winning something, she was great... But win or not, she is going to have a nice run..  It's hard for me to watch movies about people with gambling addictions but, it was great... And Kevin Garnett, the guy is a natural, i was super impressed with him as well. I loved how new york it was, i liked the location, i use to live over on the east side and it's was nice to go back, only via movies.. And the long island second apartment thing, so true and the talking about taking the midtown tunnel, it was a fun new york movie.  The diamond district,one of the last hold outs with any history in this city.  I loved the movie.. 

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