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And apparently, so do I!     Good lord, yes, back when I was serving my time in WeddingWorld. The famous people were generally a lot nicer than the regular old rich people.

Saw Popeye eating spinach many times - still do.

Secretariat wasn't acting.

I will omit those that we see regularly at our local place(s) or live on our block or those whom we’ve been out with due to Ginny’s previous careers. So, here are some of my happy memories of accidental meetings:

-standing on line, waiting for a table, & talking with Joe Cocker (who had no discernible twitches);

-eating Mexican food, sitting next to Jack Cassidy, at a restaurant’s bar before a Hot Tuna Concert;

-hanging out talking to Jimmy Smits, waiting for our pies to come out at DiFara’s;

-being at the next table from Bernadette Peters at River Cafe twice;

-being at the next table from David Brenner many years ago;

-does eating and drinking at a friend’s party with George Carlin count?;

-having dinner with Mongo.


Off topic: did I ever mention that I saw Mick Jagger nude? (No, not at a bar, restaurant or party). (&, no, I didn’t look & cant tell you).

Didn't you forget "Mr. G?"

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I think we need to hear more about Mick Jagger.

Yeah, twist my arm.

In the early’80’s, I supplemented my day job income with being a squash teaching pro at a club on E.86th/Lex. Ave. He played there when in NY during one tour & we found ourselves head to head (okay... face to face) in the locker room. Honestly, I never thought to look down. And, an autograph was probably not possible at that moment.

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I was once at either Da Silvano or Bar Pitti at the same time as Gwyneth Paltrow. But I have a hard time thinking of her as someone I’m supposed to be impressed by.

I have a hard time thinking of her as someone eating. (Impressed by Anne Hathaway, who is even thinner in real life, chowing down at Grayz.)

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Of course, you frequently see actors eating at nearby restaurants after shows. Like, I dunno, Harriet Walter at Vinegar Hill House after one of her Shakespeare performances at St. Ann's. Or Sir Thomas Allen (a singer not an actor) at New World Cafe after a performance at BAM. (The dining room erupted into applause when he entered.)

Right, Jessica Lange was at J.Sheekey after whatever show she was in on Shaftesbury Avenue. Long time ago, because smoking was permitted and she had this ridiculously long cigarette going.


Just nearby, The Ivy: I know I’ve seen plenty of actors in there, but remembering who...

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