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So Harvey's trial begins today with opening arguments in lower Manhattan.


Here's the perfect outcome - when this despicable louse is convicted (and he will be in less than 15 minutes), they should send him to a women's prison for his 50-year sentence. Let's see how long he lasts in there.

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I don't know much about the case outside of what public opinion has to say.. But it just seems so complicated because of how mobile he was.. He was out raping in France, then shot over to London for an assault, then to LA.. So, again, I haven't followed the case but, I am assuming this is just for his new york assaults.. I don't know the evidence against him.. I mean, everyone can agree the guy is guilty and a scumbag i just don't know how that translates legally..  I don't know if this is a slam dunk, you would think but, there is always something..  I mean, i thought it would have been much easier to have convicted bill clinton but, at the core of this is, powerful men, are still getting way with this shit.. After the murder of Epstein and subsequent cover up, is anything certain?  I will not be shock if he is convicted, receives a tap on the wrist and has to give away some of the money he has that he couldn't spend in 5 lifetimes anyway.  Whatever, maybe he an OJ can have a pod cast. 

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