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Villanelle (12th Street)

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We went back last night with Wilfrid and his better half.

I thought it was very good.  My halibut was perfectly cooked, as was the tagliatelle with lobster and chestnut.

The only miss was my cocktail -- El Bandito -- which was fairly tasteless.

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I had a Last Word, which was correct.


I liked all the food, especially the venison, which was cooked exactly, and came on a delicious, sweet caramelized onion puree.


I did think the portions were a little odd.  Brussel sprouts with cheddar, cashews, and rye -- a gigantic bowl of the stuff, and very nice.  The octopus looked good, but it was announced by the server as an "appetizer," was definitely appetizer size, but was priced as an entree ($28).  And they could have piled a bit more red cabbage on the red cabbage entree.


But yes, accurate cooking and nice service, which you don't find every day.

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We went a week or two ago upon Stone's recommendation with Rich and Peg and had the set menu for $80pp.  They allowed Rich to substitute one dish so that he could taste the Brussel Sprouts and, if I remember correctly, we all thought that everything was very well done.  The wine list was a bit of an adventure, & that's clearly where their profit margin is, but we drank well and the total bill was still well within the value range.  Nice to see that friendly, competent, non-pretentious restaurants still have a place in the area.

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