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NFL 2020-21

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If you're not watching the Bears-Saints game via the Nickelodeon broadcast, you're doing it wrong. It's hilarious 😋🤣  I am partial to the Slime Zone when someone scores 😆   And it's not on d

6 games.  Got me thru the weekend.

So a sucky Super Bowl.  Sad.  Surely at this point Brady is going to have a physical injury or breakdown.  Meanwhile, Mahomes will have toe surgery and some of his ace offensive linemen will come back

9 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

I saw the Jeep ad. He puts on a cowboy hat and roams the prairies with great conviction, but he is from New Jersey. :D

That ad was baffling. I mean, I get it, but also I don't.

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On 2/9/2021 at 6:57 PM, small h said:

That ad was baffling. I mean, I get it, but also I don't.

I'm so tired of all this pandering to the mid-west.  

On another note, the daughter of the guy who designed the Vince Lombardi trophy was so upset seeing Tom Brady throw it over the water that she lost two-nights' sleep.  


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I recently watched a documentary on Sundance Channel called "No One Saw a Thing".  It's about a small town in Northwest Missouri where the townsfolk all got together to murder the town bully.  Forty years ago, and no one has been charged with the crime.

Every time someone tries to tell you that the Red states are filled with nice, God-loving people who just want to go to church and bake biscuits for their grandchildren, force them to watch an episode of this.

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