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Uses of Feta

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Please permit me to intrude to retell this anecdote.


I'm at the Greenmarket one Saturday morning. In order to get the best stuff, I get up early and throw on some clothes and run out, before I've had any coffee. So I'm always pretty eager to get back home, and very far from my least cranky.


I'm on the duck line. The guy before me, having purchased his duck, is continuing a very extended discussion with the salesguy about various duck-related matters (displaying a minimal amount of knowledge on the part of the customer: clearly he's not some duck enthusiast eager for informed discussion but rather someone who makes it a point to "get to know the farmers").


After about five minutes of this, I finally cut in and say, "Would I be able to make a quick purchase?"


The guy in front of me mutters, "Different line styles."

I would have said, I will yield my 15 minutes of conversation to you, which you can carry on with once I leave.

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