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Gage and Tollner

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What I’ve been using at home these last few years is St. George.  

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On 7/8/2021 at 12:40 AM, Sneakeater said:

(But I also have to note, The Flon, that M. Wells is finally getting back to where they once belonged as well.)

Had some outdoor dinners there over the past year. I am so glad they've made it through this. I still have tickets to the 2020 Sugar Shack that they had to cancel. When offered a refund I told them to keep it and use it for whatever they needed.

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I finally got my she-crab soup! And scrolling through this and another thread, I see I'd priced my first-she-crab-soup-in-Alexandria-VA-in-1987 as part of a meal totaling either $3.75 or $5 (I actually think it was the former, and I bet I have a picture of the menu somewhere).

Anyway, our meal was a little north of that, but not too bad, considering my three drinks and the size of some of the portions - we took home leftover skate, spinach and wedge salad. The soup and the clams were my faves, and I also liked the turf martini. Maybe I should keep absinthe in the house.





Comp disclosure: two glasses of champagne, to acknowledge our 22 years of unwedded bliss. I wish they'd done this after my second drink instead of my third, and maybe before we ordered the eggnog ice cream sundae, which was very boozy. I think our server had second thoughts about bringing us the champagne, because then there we still were, drinking for free, while the vestibule got more and more crowded.

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The new "Tables for Two" reminded me I meant to try the new Gage & Tollner. If I book as far out as possible, I can get 5.15/5.30 or 10.00. Neither appeals much.

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