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As of Sunday, fully vaccinated with Pfizer.  Yesterday, a had a sore, arm, headache and low fever.  Today, I'm fine.

gotta cut this out. Its now an endemic virus with actually pretty benign outcomes if you are able to be vaxxed.

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I’m told that starting tonight, NYC restaurants can’t seat more than 50% capacity. Don’t know the parameters yet.

Most restaurants would sell their soul for 50% capacity these days.

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Civilization as we have known it will be re-defined.


If there is any doubt of that, one trip to the grocery store (or a Costco, BJ's etc.) will substantiate the statement.

LIke someone said on Twitter, events with over 500 attendees are canceled and then 1000 people show up at the grocery store to buy toilet paper.

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a rumour ran through our town last evening, courtesy an imprudent email from a local arts organization, that there was a confirmed case in our town (part of the town, including the hospital lies in one of the counties that has one of mn's new cases reported yesterday). debunked before bedtime. but the older boy's 5th grade music program set for this morning was cancelled based on dept. of health guidance: lots of parents and grandparents attend, crammed together into the small music room. assuming it's a matter of time before other events up and down middle and high school are cancelled too. and i'm trying to figure out what to do about the biweekly trivia contest i host and which there's an edition of this sunday.

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