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My vaccine story, part the first

I had been not paying attention to the vaccine situation, getting tired of hearing about health care workers and folks with serious conditions getting served first.  Seemed fair.

Then, Monday, a friend called.  He and his wife are younger than I, but they have multiple medical issues.  They had received a call from their local pharmacy on Saturday asking if they were interested in the vax.  Of course, they were, went to the pharmacy and within 20 minutes were vaccinated.

Based on this I called the pharmacy and inquired only to learn they had no more vax (Moderna).  I did some searching but there was no info about any available vax.

I tried to get info on the net but to no avail.  Since I am over 65, I thought there was some possibility I could get something somewhere sometime.  Then, Tuesday, a friend texted with the site VaccineLaCounty.com and suggested I try.  I tried.  The site seemed convoluted and semi-functional.  It mentioned sources for the vax.  I tried local ones like the spot where my friends got the shot.  Nada.  Over and over, no shots available.

I took a deep breath and fought with the site over availability of vax at (gulp) Dodger Stadium.  After much back and forth with the site, I managed to get an "appointment" today at 12:20 p.m.  I was heartened by the fact that the site emphasized that I should honor my appointment and not arrive early in the interest of not overwhelming the location.

Traffic was light so I arrived at approximately noon.  I saw the entrance to the stadium parking lot.  But there were several Traffic Control Officers in the way and lots of orange traffic cones about.  I looked longingly at the lot and spoke to an officer.  He asked if I had an appointment.  Yes!  He then pointed downhill and said go to the end of that line of cars heading uphill and make a U-turn.  Sure, no problem.

I proceeded downhill.  That line of cars in two adjoining lanes was a mile long.  Gosh, I may be late for my appointment, I thought.  Haha.

From that point I inched up a car length or two at a time for about half an hour.  Then, after at least 45 minutes (yes, now late for my appointment!) I came to a T-intersection.  There I observed that my lane of traffic was being interrupted by another stream of cars that was also vax bound.  OK, forget the appointment.

Finally that interruption was ended and I proceeded slowly uphill.  Suddenly I came on a sign that advised "Vaccination Entrance 1000 feet" (huzzah!).  As I was waiting in traffic a man approached and asked if I had an appointment.  Of course.  He didn't ask when.  He then made a wax crayon mark on my windshield.  A few hundred feet later a woman approached with the same query.  I even showed her the icon image I had received confirming my appointment.  She did not examine it closely.  She also made a wax crayon mark on my windshield.  She gestured toward a man on the other side of my car and told me to follow his direction.  His directions consisted of motioning me and others forward toward what I hoped was the vaccination entrance.  Haha.

It was merely the entrance to the Dodger Stadium parking lot (Preferred Parking $50).  As I looked into the lot below, I saw more traffic cones than I had ever witnessed in one place in my life.  They were like headstones in a military cemetary.  I also (gasp) saw there were three serpentine lines of cars snaking all over the lot in lengths longer than the line I had already traveled.  Holy crap.

So I kept alternating between Sirius Alt 35 and 36 and wondering how my kidneys could survive.  There were some portapotties but these were utilized by folks who had partners in their vehicles to navigate while they relieved themselves.  Sadly, I was alone.  I also bcame acutely aware that I had no foodstuffs with me and where the hell were the Dodger Dog vendors when you need them?

Everytime I thought I was at what I logically thought should be the end of the line, I realized I was not.  In fact in all my travels I had yet to see anything resembling a needle or medical personnel.

Ultimately, after 3 hours and 20 minutes, I saw some tarped areas where it might be supposed that someone was getting the vax.  I was then approached and told "She'll be with you after she finishes those cars (pointing to vehicles behind mine)."  But in fact she did not come, rather a young guy in scrubs appeared after three and one-half hours and asked if I had had my shot.  Right, I've just been waiting here forever for fun.  He gave me the shot.

Then I had to wait another 15 minutes to make sure I had not OD'd or something and I was given a card telling me I could get my second Moderna shot on February 17 or thereafter.  Not that I had an appointment or anything, just that that would be when I should hope to land one.

Wow, that was so much fun.  I know first world problems, but I felt I was in another world.


What will Round II be like?

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As of Sunday, fully vaccinated with Pfizer.  Yesterday, a had a sore, arm, headache and low fever.  Today, I'm fine.

I wonder if they'll go back to claiming they're gluten intolerant after this. 

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53 minutes ago, Sneakeater said:

Hollywood you’ve got to pull through this.  One of the only things keeping me going is the hope that you and I can have another night on the town in LA in better days. 


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@hollywood my experience was sort of the same. Except on foot. I was really disheartened when someone came along and took 15 people who were behind me on line away somewhere, to start another line somewhere else.

All in all, it took about the same amount of time, I believe I was rude to the person behind me, who kept wanting to chat, but that's nothing new.

However, my appointment for the 2nd shot is February 15th, at a specific time.  I was told it should flow easier, since I'm now in "the system."

There was also all this cool hi tech digital stuff that I scanned to my phone with a QR code, and it said I will need to show various people in order to get the shot. No one asked for it.

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That sounds completely insane, yikes. I don't know if I even want to advise my parents to try. 

Here, I could request to get in the queue online, site worked quite well, but since I only have one risk factor I assume it will be a while. Don't call us, we'll call you. 

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Two small hospitals close to me, two very different strategies. One opened up a vaccination center in the rec center of the town it's in, right now getting shipments twice a week or so, only opening to residents of the town it's in. At first they were a bit quiet about the resident-only policy and just set the form to reject others without saying why. The other, which has a larger outside physician network, is quietly vaccinating hundreds of high-risk older patients of the hospital and doctors in the network. No public sign up, just referrals from the doctors. Something about the first one bothers me...I guess shots in arms is top priority but seems weird that one town (4% of the county) is getting 10-20% of the county allocation. 

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Eli Lilly says its monoclonal antibody prevented Covid-19 infections in clinical trial...




But Lilly believes its antibody could be an option not just to treat Covid-19 but to help prevent it in limited circumstances.

“Of course, I think the vaccines are more effective than prophylaxis and likely longer lasting,” Daniel Skovronsky, Eli Lilly’s chief scientific officer, said in an interview. “So this should not be seen in any way as competition to vaccines. It should be for when it’s too late, when there’s an outbreak and people are getting exposed and there’s not going to be time for a vaccine to work.”



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I've heard from several people that the vax centers the city has set up in schools, community centers, etc. are surprisingly (amazingly even) very well run and all operating at capacity. 

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