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As of Sunday, fully vaccinated with Pfizer.  Yesterday, a had a sore, arm, headache and low fever.  Today, I'm fine.

I wonder if they'll go back to claiming they're gluten intolerant after this. 

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French waiters roaming the streets sounds dangerous. 


Israel just did the same and also implemented a system to automatically obtain location history for new cases and notify people who were near them. 


We're asking people to pay online so so we don't touch their cash and they don't touch our ipad. It occurred to me there's really no popular QR pay solution in the US, or is there one I'm not aware of?

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Currently in the Atlanta airport waiting for my flight home. My flight out of Nashville had 50+ open seats. Both airports very quiet for a Sunday. It will be interesting to see how empty my Las Vegas flight will be. 

The flight attendant went into a long monologue about how Delta was only using paper or plastic inflight. No pillows or blankets. Wearing gloves. Them handing out snacks, rather than letting people touch everything in the snack basket while trying to decide what carb/sodium/sugar bomb they want (my adjectives, not hers), wash your hands, cover your mouth etc. I walk into the Sky Club...and lo and behold Delta is serving their normal lunch BUFFET (and, not that it really matters) with china, glassware and flatware...I mean, FFS, Las Vegas has stopped the buffets (definitely a possible sign of the apocalypse).

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