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52 minutes ago, rozrapp said:

Have you tried Pataday for your eyes? I’ve been using it for years for allergy itchy eyes. Used to be by prescription, but two years ago, it became OTC. There are two versions: once-a-day and twice-a-day. I use the twice-a-day since the once-a-day didn’t work well for me. I found that out years ago when my ophthalmologist mistakenly wrote the script for the once and after I tried it had to give me another for the twice. (At this point, my allergy  season — about two weeks at the beginning of May — is done.)

I've definitely tried these, and over the years, the dozen or so other ones which came before. My optho was always quick to hand out samples and/or scrips.  I've come to rely on single use drops such as Refresh, and splashing cold water in my eyes if available...I find they work just as well, and none of the potential side effects.

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As of Sunday, fully vaccinated with Pfizer.  Yesterday, a had a sore, arm, headache and low fever.  Today, I'm fine.

gotta cut this out. Its now an endemic virus with actually pretty benign outcomes if you are able to be vaxxed.

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After a week away, mostly in Montreal (which is really turning into a favorite city), we drove home last Friday, and got in around 6 PM. Man, the border crossing at I-87 SUCKS...took about an hour and 15 minutes.

I wasn't feeling great Saturday morning, but tested negative and attributed it to sitting at the border, allergies, etc. Saturday evening, I tested positive.

So when I woke up Sunday morning feeling really crappy, with a slight fever, aches, etc. I started taking my previously obtained supply of Paxlovid, which is a 5-day course of 3 pills each morning and night. It's 2 generic drugs, one of which keeps the other from leaving your system too quickly, allowing it more time to do its thing on the virus replication process.

By yesterday, already starting to feel better, with no fever. Both the vaccine regimen (all 4 for me) and (in my case) the Paxlovid certainly seem to be doing their jobs. Or are the variants are getting more contagious yet less intense - I mean, I was living in an apartment with Significant Eater while she was sick and testing positive for like 8 days and never got it? So who knows?

Oh - the Paxlovid has some disgusting side effects, including (once again, in my case) a metallic taste in my mouth that just is so annoying. Russ & Daughters's sable taste like a copper penny. I took a sip of a Chenin Blanc the other night and almost spit it out. So there's that, along with some other GI stuff that may be best left unsaid.

Even though there are plenty of stories of people getting reinfected, I'm still not sure that we all don't need to get some form of the virus (and hopefully, you're vaccinated and/or have the meds if you do), before this sucker peters out.

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My Son is at left wing indoctrination camp this week.  It began with a PCR on Friday for Sunday dropoff. Then N95 masks at all times indoors until yesterday when the entire camp was given rapid tests and received the all clear. They'll be tested again tonight before dinner. 

He comes home Saturday. Seems a little crazy to me, but also I respect that there are a lot of folks more concerned around things than I am and its not such a big deal to make them feel ok.


But still...

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5 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

I currently have all the symptoms of a head cold. Is it something more than that? Who knows? My temperature is normal. I’ll take a test if I get any more distinctive symptoms.

Do you have an oximeter?

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