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Corona Virus Cooking

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My kitchen output has ramped up in the last week but I'm also trying to use items that I'd previously ignored. Like: the turnips from my CSA that have been in my veggie bin for the last few months. I've been meaning to try turnip cakes and have a batch currently steaming.


What are you making?

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Our last meal from someone other than me was this...     pizza from Scarr's.  Their pizza has actually gotten better, in my opinion, as they've worked the crust to near perfection for this style

Why make scallion pancakes when you can make ramp pancakes?

I finally made really good fries at home. so exciting.

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I did eggplant parm yesterday! Today supplemented the leftovers with pasta/peas/ham for the kids. Black bean soup with avocado for lunch. I'm not used to cooking two meals a day. 

Day before yesterday was a beluga lentil salad with roasted red pepper and feta, steamed green asparagus vinaigrette, and mollet eggs. For the kids grilled bratwurst and pan fried potatoes made from leftover boiled potatoes. 

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I’m cooking the same things I usually would but making them in larger quantities and freezing as much as I can.


I tried to order some belle chaurrine stuff from england last week and they said they’re not allowed to ship meat to the US at present, which I haven’t seen in the news. I’ll probably buy similar products from quebec tonight, but the ones I’ve found are all in larger sizes which may not work with my kids.

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Like AaronS, I don't see our cooking change radically.   We used to travel a lot and did most of our dining out then.   We don't eat out much here, so won't miss much routine in that sphere.   Except for dinner parties, I don't plan many meals around large chunks of protein.   I'll just continue churning out "what's to eat when there's nothing to eat" meals from the larder until things get sketchy.


Last night was asparagus beef with TJ's seeded couscous as Chuck asked for a moratorium on rice.   It was good enough that there were no leftovers.



Our new normal seems to be finish breakfast, look in fridge and freezer and plan dinner, take some jogs around the back yard and wait for "tad time".

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I cooked the last two nights in a row. I got home tonight at 9 o’clock. Opened a can of white beans, threw down some garlic first, then added a quarter cup of beans, a squirt of sriracha, some tomato paste, some paprika, a little white wine, parsley, Pepper and chile flakes. A couple of anchovies. That cooked together while pasta water for egg noodles were cooking. Threw the noodles in a pan, mixed in sauce, added more water, then grated three aged Gouda as that’s the only cheese in my house.


Sat and ate it, then went back out for 2 hours. It was so comforting to cook for myself and take a moment to sit down

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I distinctly remember, after putting in my order (I did it from a subway train), thinking, what am I going to do with all that stuff?


Little did I realize.


Same. Last night was grilled pork loin from Dartagnan with a raspberry chipotle sauce served with RG Marcella beans seasoned with RG's mexican oregano.


Tonight was a roasted Dartagnan chicken (I ordered 6 chickens and 8 poussin Monday cause I can't get my hands on a chicken where I live) served with roasted vegetables and quinoa.


I'm feeling Dartagnan duck sausage with eggs for breakfast Saturday. I still have a porcelet rib rack, pork chops, veal flank steak and a bunch of different sausages. A few duck breasts hiding somewhere in my freezer.

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