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Corona Virus Cooking

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I totally understand,   I have never ordered food in my life except an errant fruitcake or two but find myself actually considering both product and quantities that have nothing to do with how we live.  


Am also loosening my grip on specialty larder stock under te caption of "better to use it now than have it sold at my estate sale."

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Our last meal from someone other than me was this...     pizza from Scarr's.  Their pizza has actually gotten better, in my opinion, as they've worked the crust to near perfection for this style

Why make scallion pancakes when you can make ramp pancakes?

I finally made really good fries at home. so exciting.

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Leftover lunch basically. Leftover fried potatoes, leftover onion slices, leftover roasted red and yellow peppers in a Spanish tortilla. (No egg shortage here!) Rest of the pide and feta dip, arbequine olives, the last of the Serrano ham.

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Comfort food to the max.    Prawns, onion rings, chard stems, husband's famous cocktail sauce.


This is a calorie free meal for me.   There are no calories in food you snatch from the table platter as you continue additional fry ups...are there?

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We still can't bake. Lucky for us, there's a downstairs neighbor who occasionally bakes incredibly delicious loaves that he announces, on our building's email list, are ready in exchange for a donation to his favorite political candidate.


He's the only person lovely spouse has met in the past four weeks, aside from people on our one medical outing. She donated online, went down to his apartment, and gratefully accepted the bread as he offered on a tray through his doorway.



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Along with the brisket for seder night #1...




Matzo ball soup.




Potato kugel. Came out quite tasty...




Plated with the brisket, which was braised in a Marcella-ish style.  Next time, more classic - I want a beefier gravy.

Having matzo around usually leads to at least one breakfast containing said ingredient...




So matzo brei it was.  Though I do enjoy the ceremonial meals, it was back to baking...






Banana bread from the King Arthur baking book, instead of my usual Nick Malgieri one.  Nice and moist, as the batter contains a cup of buttermilk (kefir, in this case).




I pan roasted a couple of D'artagnan poussins. Note the fond, which made for a lovely pan jus. 

The leftovers were nice for lunch the next day...




As open-faced sandwiches, served with cole slaw and pickled red onions.


This gratin...




Of  potato and fennel, I served with the braised porcelet collar...




Almost all the mushrooms delivered went into...




a ragout. To be served a few nights later. But before that, lunch yesterday...




Porcelet collar ramen. And a delivery from Saturday was dealt with...




Back to the kitchen!

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I am getting mildly anxious about the amount of food I have in my freezer and what will happen if the power goes out. I guess the more that's in there the better it will be, but my son left the freezer open a few years ago and that was bad enough.

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