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Our last meal from someone other than me was this...     pizza from Scarr's.  Their pizza has actually gotten better, in my opinion, as they've worked the crust to near perfection for this style

I keep telling myself age is a premium.

Yesterday was going to be outside, playing ping pong, loud music and grilled cheese burgers with beer.  With all the bad news we kicked up the burgers to wagyu burgers with onion jam, sauteed mushroom

Posted Images

It has been quite weird.    We have had days when the air was so smoky that it was seemingly unbreathable but which were not classified as unhealthful, while days with clearer air has been deemed as very hazardous because of micro particles.    It's impossible to tell by sticking your head out the door.

Yesterday, particularly with masks, it was quite comfortable while being, we found after the fact, dangerously unsafe.

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Went shopping yesterday in Chinatown, at my favorite little Vietnamese grocery....BCF45896-70E6-4460-BC50-F6D64B00040B.thumb.JPG.ca9f132ed10af9283288f4b69a07c775.JPG

Time for more dumplings, and an attempt at pickled ginger, even though I was hoping for some much "younger" ginger. The place I got the ginger at had 3 kinds of ginger; this Taiwanese looked best.

And then a delivery (or two):


3 lbs. of Hatch chilis, so Significant Eater can pretend she's back at Duran Central Pharmacy or The Frontier, both in Albuquerque...those displaced Lobos never forget, and Carne Adovada is in her future. 2 lbs. of Sweetzels...they;'re lovely with coffee. 3 bags of George Howell...they're lovely with Sweetzels.

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You know you're bored when you attack Mary Berry's beef and ale stew with horseradish suet dumplings.    Actually a fun project, including conning my butcher out of (free) suet.    Essentially a simple beef/carrot/mushroom braise with ale and beef broth as liquid.    Super tender and flavorful beef, and light but zesty (rolled and cut) dumplings.



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This week saw a bunch of stuff arriving...


My plan is to make curry bricks with this pre-measured package of spices. Most of the enclosed spices are whole, to be toasted and ground, and there is a little spice packet (looks like mostly turmeric) to go into the mix as well. 

In addition to those roasted Hatch red peppers above, I got a mailer (i.e.: a plea for donations) from one of Significant Eater's alma maters, which also happens to be in Albuquerque.  So I surprised her with a present...


Oh, was she ever excited...


Because it came with a T-shirt and bumper stickers too. Carne adovada, and a bunch of other tasty treats to come. 

And if you've ever been in or around Hatch/Albuquerque during roasting season, the air smells great.

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With these


dried Hatch chilis, I finally got around to making my first batch of


New Mexican red chili sauce.

The apartment smells great. Mixed a little with some plainly cooked Vaquero beans and heated that up - tastes great too.

Carne adovada is in our future.

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Too many dinner leftovers means too few chances for me to make the Asian-style lunches I crave. I've let two cucumbers rot in the fridge, these past few months. And the crab-stick surimi I last ordered had been sitting in there for almost a month.

I finally used a fresh, third cucumber today to make a salad, crushing and pressing the cut-up veg and kani-ing it up with the crab stick tossed in the garlicky/sweet/salty/acid/oily/spicy dressing.

Very good. The package of processed, individually paper-wrapped, mystery-fish "Sea Stix" with the insanely long ingredients list had no expiration date, so I knew it'd be fresh forever. And it tasted much better than Whole Foods's more healthful, lower-sodium surimi. But I may not shred the crab stick next time. The dressing quickly browned the extruded fish filaments.

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More or less instant dinner on arriving home from the country.    Tortellini, sausage and spinach soup.   Husband had thirds.


Had no sausage so cubed up some salami; subbed mixed braising greens for spinach.    Typical....

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High '80s here today, so a light veg soup tonight.    Zucchini, mushroom, red onion, veal broth with butter fried WW croutons and splat of Salvadorian sour cream.    Like the famous cookie, Brutti Ma Buono.      Really brutti.


Rreally buono.

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Delivery earlier this week...


Snacks!  I know, I know - Orville Redenbacher popcorn (which, for some reason, I ordered 2 of). How gauche. But as popcorn eaters, we've tried a number of different types. Fancy schmancy farmer's market for instance, and this stuff...


And you know what? We don't like it as much. Though I did kowtow to this to give it a try...


And how can I forget her?


So far, she is pretending it doesn't exist. She'll break down eventually...they all do.

Yesterday, our corner guy had nice, colourful peppers at 3 for $1. So I took home 6...


And did the roast inside over a gas flame trick. After peeling, they're bathing in olive oil, vinegar, garlic, herbs. They'll be fine.


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Continued heat today -> bits and pieces supper.     Cold cauliflower (+onion, potato, veal broth, butter) soup; Waldorf salad using Golden Delicious apples from the yard; shared quesadilla (Oaxacan cheese, jalapeno, scallion, cilantro,)

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