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Corona Virus Cooking

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Our last meal from someone other than me was this...     pizza from Scarr's.  Their pizza has actually gotten better, in my opinion, as they've worked the crust to near perfection for this style

Why make scallion pancakes when you can make ramp pancakes?

I finally made really good fries at home. so exciting.

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I was out with a friend last night whom I hadn't seen since February 2020.  She asked what my favorite things I've cooked over the Quarantine were.

I started describing Pied de Porc Sainte-Menehould.  She looked at me like, how could you EAT that?

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I had left an innocent summer roll filled with shrimp and salad in a dish on the kitchen counter. It looked like a kind of white, wrinkly rectangle. Vegan wife takes a look, decides it's some animal's tongue and freaks out.

I mean it was the least meaty thing I had eaten in days.

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Since who the hell knows when we'll start visiting restaurants regularly again, I figured why not give a (mostly) meat farm share a try.   Walden Local - which allows one to set up an account, with easy customization/flexibility, so similar to the Alaskan seafood thing I also utilize. Except this stuff comes from much closer to home. First delivery (small) came this week...



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26 minutes ago, splinky said:

be sure to use a wine sauce to kill any bad bugs

Interestingly, they (Varmont Packaging) didn't have any recalls for e.coli or anything like that; their recall was:



Vermont Packinghouse, LLC, a North Springfield, Vermont. establishment, is recalling 10,828 pounds of raw intact bone-in beef quarters from cattle identified as being over 30 months of age because the products may contain specified risk materials, specifically vertebral column, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced last week.

The carcasses were slaughtered from Feb. 8, 2018 to June 8, 2018. The following products are subject to recall: 

White butcher paper wrapped packages of fresh T-bone and Porterhouse steaks from Walden Local Butcher Shop in Boston, Massachusetts.

The quartered carcasses were shipped from Vermont Packinghouse, LLC to the one retail location for further processing and were wrapped in butcher paper for consumers. The products were only sold at the one physical retail location. The products were not shipped to consumers who have memberships with the retailer. 


The other issues appear to be from bad stuns a number of times; apparently on sheep, which they've stopped processing.

Of course, I imagine that at the giant processing plants in the midwest, this type of stuff goes on pretty often; they just have a different ability to pay off the right people.  

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