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Corona Virus Cooking

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Our last meal from someone other than me was this...     pizza from Scarr's.  Their pizza has actually gotten better, in my opinion, as they've worked the crust to near perfection for this style

Why make scallion pancakes when you can make ramp pancakes?

I finally made really good fries at home. so exciting.

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I've never made a Mississippi Roast before where I was home while it was cooking. I can't keep myself from going over to stare into the Instant Pot every few minutes and think about how good it's going to be when it's ready at like 10 PM.

FYI, David Chang dissing the InstaPot on Twitter today.


Chang must be getting bored; I'll bet Dave Arnold has one!


In any event, dinner last night...




Wings, braised and glazed in a spicy Sichuan bean sauce.  They were actually going to be simply wings in black bean sauce, a more Cantonese dish, but when I started tearing apart my cupboards to find the black beans, I gave up and used one of the various spicy bean pastes I have in my fridge. Along with dark soy, garlic, scallions, a hit of sugar, sesame oil, etc. etc.


Served over jasmine rice, kimchee on the side. Pretty satisfying. 

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Dinner last night = much needed comfort food with a dash of vegetables: cauliflower Mac and cheese from the half baked harvest blog. Very good and very easy. It also gave me the opportunity to use some elderly elbow macaroni.


Also had a huge bunch of dandelion greens so I diced up some slab bacon, mushrooms and then the greens. Really tasty.

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We had oven-fried wings in a honey sriracha sauce (left some plan for the minis), plus brown short grain rice, cucumber salad and a kimchi pancake. The wings method was from here, now my go-to recipe. 


for lunch quesadillas using up Comte cheese, leftover chicken from the above, and leftover sweet potatoes from a previous meal. So efficient! 


For tonight I'm defrosting a container of ragu bolognese. There will be lasagna. 

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The first few days we had some leftovers from Foxface and used them for:


- Acorn squash, thinly sliced, fried in olive oil, with a sauce made of roasted pumpkin seed tahini, vadouvan, plum vinegar, and puya peppers. 


- Linguine with romesco sauce and mussels escabeche. 


- Venison tartare


- Venison thai salad 


- Venison burgers


- Venison roast


That was really more than enough venison, although it was very good. 

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I’ve been so busy with work and calls that I haven’t had a chance to eat lunch in about a week. Finally had some time today - salmon salad with left over roasted salmon, mayo, harissa and avocado on a challah roll.

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In today's version of ugly delicious. Lunch was using my now 24 hour fermented dough...




1/2 mozzarella and tomato. Half just parm. Better than yesterday's!








Céleri rémoulade. Salade de betteraves.


Ceci in Zimino.  Or a variation of that using dried garbanzos along with a leftover ham hock and some jambon de Bayonne.


As I said, looks aren't everything; all about the taste, and this all tasted pretty good.

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Mussels escabeche, chips, scrambled eggs


Followed by risotto made from japanese rice, halibut stock, saffron, paprika, lemon rind, sardines.


Come walk with me and wonder a little to drink, and a negroni.

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I found a pig brain in my pig-head half, thanks to having gotten slightly more than half.


After almost a year of petrification -- four of them in a constantly opened frost-free freezer drawer that normally burns stuff -- it all looks perfect. And I needed that freezer space for leftovers. it's been slow-roasting after overnight vinegar and adobo. I'll have tacos de sesos for lunch.

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Lovely spouse lost nothing declining a bite of eggy brain/brainy egg taco. The expected fattier texture, but not briny like the Parmesan/Pecorino she grates into her routinely amazing scrambles. 


I'm about to harvest the head. Normally I'd quickly and damply wipe my hands many times between phone and laptop and meat, never quite avoiding greasing the electronics. But the new slowly soapy/soapily slow handwashing discipline doesn't favor that.


I haven't done pig head in fourteen years. Now that I have a big outdoor space, I could leave the skull out to be cleaned by bugs, and maybe, especially at night, to spook the neighbors who sometimes creep past our deck door.

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