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Corona Virus Cooking

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In the slow cooker for many hours...




Vegetables cooked for the last hour or so.  Corned beef (it was ok) and cabbage and potatoes and carrots and celery.


Begat, for lunch today...






Corned beef hash, with a few leftover red pepper strips added for color. Sunny side up egg for me. The reason for the egg looking like a half circle, you ask?  Significant Eater enjoys her eggs over medium, and this is the half the cook gets.


To be honest, I like this hash, with lots and lots of crispy bits and seasoned up, more than I liked the 1st run of corned beef for dinner.

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Our last meal from someone other than me was this...     pizza from Scarr's.  Their pizza has actually gotten better, in my opinion, as they've worked the crust to near perfection for this style

Why make scallion pancakes when you can make ramp pancakes?

I finally made really good fries at home. so exciting.

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Chuck's blood pressure yesterday reached "head to ER" level and he announced he was going to the country for a week.    Good plan.   So I have been cooking a care package for him, starting with last night's pork shoulder and finishing with tonight's Mississippi Roast.   In between, peanut butter cookies and walnut bread





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Last night I made the buttermilk brown butter cake from Alison Roman's cookbook. Given the amount of butter in it, it didn't blow my skirt up.


And this morning (because insomnia) I made a celery root soup using some of the last CSA roots, which I topped with feta. While cleaning out my pantry I found a hidden kilo of bomba rice.  :ph43r:


This should satisfy your craving for butter: Swedish Almond Cake.

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I liked poulet aux carrottes from a brief description in an old French gastro-book. The sauce was a court bouillon with milk added, 1 part in 3 to the stock. I thought it was a very nice, savory, light sauce (consistency of waterzooi?), then I looked at the book again and saw I forgot to stir in the heavy cream.

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While the weather was OK tacos with grilled steak and onion in adobe sauce with avocados. Grilled wild asparagus with a Mexican style dressing. Mini's got the tacos without sauce. 

Today was cold and overcast. We had pasta with a sausage and red/yellow pepper ragu. 

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Hadn't made bread in a long time.




Baked this morning, Forkish's overnight white, with 10% whole wheat flour. I think I screwed up the hydration, because this dough was sticking to everything and was a pain in the ass to get into the hot-as-hell Dutch oven. But it just goes to show how forgiving this stuff is.


And then, lunch today...




Corned beef tartines on said bread. Potato salad. Quick pickled cukes. And from the back of the fridge, a Dr. Brown's!

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You do delivery?

At this point, I'm lucky to get delivery.


Today I received 8 chicken drumsticks instead of a whole chicken.   Had a short meltdown before considering the poor sod who picked my order;    Okay, nice job, dude.   Hey, it's just chicken, and it's just dinner.   Lucky to have either.

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So, for dinner tonight...




Let's call it the Ploughwoman's dinner.  Vegetable soup, using up most every bit of veg I could before a scheduled delivery (leeks, onions, scallions, parsley, carrots, celery, cabbage, thyme, potatoes, tomatoes) in a light chicken stock. 


And homemade bread and good butter, with few pieces of cheese I still had lurking from our trip to Paris last month.


'Twas good.

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