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Corona Virus Cooking

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Made carbonara with my wild boar pancetta. Basically using the roscioli recipe except I made the pancetta peppery enough so it didn't need additional pepper. Another change was of course that proper portion size is 250 grams :)



Also a vaguely Chinese beef dish - culotte slow cooked and sauced with its stock + soy garlic, ginger, Sichuan peppercorn, cumin, etc. With steamed broccoli.

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Our last meal from someone other than me was this...     pizza from Scarr's.  Their pizza has actually gotten better, in my opinion, as they've worked the crust to near perfection for this style

Why make scallion pancakes when you can make ramp pancakes?

I finally made really good fries at home. so exciting.

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Broiled salmon with miso butter. Roasted maitake mushrooms. Over cooked bok Choi that I’m sure Sneak would have loved.


Made a pot of RG flageolets for the next few days. With tuna for lunch. With grilled merguez for dinner. I’m going to need to order more wine.....

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Lunch. Today's focaccia attempt, using overnight poolish, baked off around noon after, starting around 7 AM,  mixing, ferment and proof ...100% KA A/P flour, so light and airy. 


Close to the focaccia I remember in San Francisco from Liguria Bakery, served up as sandwiches at Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store, on Columbus. Not bad.






With vegetable soup.

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Looks quite right, joe, and given your gurus, Liguria and Bohemian, I wouldn't argue with it.    Do you remember Bohemian's eggplant sandwich?


I remember all their sandwiches (my favorite being the meatball). Somewhere I have a pic of that wonderful little oven they used.

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The Passover cleanup continues. Dinner tonight was pasta (shaped like tennis racquets, no idea where it came from) with sweet Italian sausage and christmas limas (not Rancho Gordo but a local farm at the greenmarket).

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This was the 4th (and final) iteration for the corned beef I made last weekend. It was dinner a few nights ago...




Reheated with its vegetables from the initial cooking. In the steam girl, of course. Was great. Actually it was better for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th meals than it was for the 1st! Broccoli was made this night.


Lunch one day was was sorta tuna nicoise...




Freshly made potato salad with Ortiz tuna, over escarole hearts, celery, tomatoes, avocado, red onion, capers, and a few piparras.


This was dinner a couple of nights ago...




Shrimp in spicy bean sauce a la Henry Chung, the chef/owner of Hunan Restaurant, the first Hunanese restaurant I ever visited, in San Francisco maybe around 1980? Over really much better than expected Japanese short-grain brown rice.


That led into dinner last night...




A very nice pork chop (from fucking Fresh Direct!), pan roasted, with a mustard pan sauce. Rancho Gordo pintos, which were muy excellente. And some sautéed escarole with garlic and red pepper.


Breakfast had to be something healthy after all that...




Cara caras.  Avocado tomato smush. Smoked king salmon. Two homemade breads toasted.


After which...




That's a book I bought or was gifted on...




Keeping busy.

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Day 5 of "home alone" so still plating pretty weird stuff.    Since there was no one to roll eyes or sneer "Pretentious". I decided to eat flowers and mache from the yard.   Meyer lemon/evoo dressing. 



Then charred chard and, to get rid of the other half can of tuna from the previous pasta, creamed tuna stuffed baked potato.    I will sleep well tonight.


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