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What did you have tonight...favorites, classics and using up the liquor cabinet odds and ends...post all the recipes.


Tonight was a liquor cabinet cleanup cocktail....


Vida Simples:


2 oz Spiced Rum (in my case, Captain Morgan)

3/4 oz Velvet Falernum

3/4 oz Lime juice

Dash simple syrup

Dash Orange bitters


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I need better supervision. 

I went to a local crafts fair today and scored 3 vintage coupe glasses for $9 total.  So we enjoyed a Twentieth Century in them in the backyard this afternoon. 1 1/2 oz. gin 3/4 oz. Lil

My neighbors have been consistently impressed by the variety of cocktails that I'm drinking. It seems I'm developing quite the reputation. Thanks to you all.

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Sam Ross' Penicillin?  You could do it sans the float, but...


Or try this : The Harry Lauder Cocktail


1.25 oz. Scotch

1.25 oz. Sweet Vermouth

1/2 tsp.  Simple


Stir and strain.


Or The Miami Beach Cocktail:


Equal parts (.75 oz. each works)



Dry Vermouth

Grapefruit Juice


Shake and strain.

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The float is perfect as I have a bottle of peat monster I also don't like.

I've never understood the appeal of Peat Monster. It's so smokey and peaty and yet it's a very lightweight scotch. You need something heavier to support all those big flavors.

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I've used really peaty whisky's in this to very good effect. Basically a smoky daiquiri. I would imagine a sour would work pretty well too (I love mezcal sour). 


Today we had gin mules. 


We have a houseguest who always brings something "interesting" from the duty free. So a liter bottle of Seville Orange Tanqueray, as well as a gin based on rhubarb and ginger. What do I do with these? 


I have orange and celery bitters as well as angostura and peychaud's. Cointreau, Grand Marnier. Carpano Antica sweet Vermouth, and a Munich version of Aperol/Campari.  (Somewhere in between.) 


Oh wait, I have an unopened bottle of really good dry German Vermouth. Hmm. Promising. 


What are good proportions? 

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Speaking of vulgar, I'd swap the Silver Orange Gin in for the Citrus Vodka in a Cosmopolitan (a drink I am unashamed to say I sort of like).  It would almost certainly be better.  (You can also swap in some very tart German berry juice for the cranberry juice -- which also would probably be an improvement.)

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Or just try a Negroni-esque thing, with equal parts of the pseudo-Campari, Seville Orange Gin, and vermouth (Antica). Might even do with a few dashes of the orange bitters, if your pseudo-Campari is on the sweet side.


Garnished with a flamed orange peel; might work nicely.

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