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I'm using a new piece of kitchen equipment for the first time tonight, and I want to have my wits about me.  So I just had a Forthave Red on the rocks.  I'd have put in the lime slice it obviously wants, but I was too lazy.

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Last night, a Maverick 3/4 oz gin (Beefeater) 3/4 oz Aperol (subbed Cappelletti Aperitivo) 3/4 oz sweetened ginger juice 3/4 oz lemon handful mint Shake over ice, double strain into

Since I needed to use up some avocados, I decided to make guacamole. That led to the decision there should be a margarita with the lime cordial, instead of a gimlet. Which led me to one of the better

I hopped on the Corpse Revivor bandwagon. Don't shame me but it was the first time I made them at home. I admittedly had to go to the liquor store to buy Lillet.  It was a big hit..... Definitely more

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It's not just some pretentious cocktalian piety.

Shaking aerates the drink, and also leaves little ice shards in it.  Which is fine for drinks with juice in them.  But kind of undesirable for straight-alcohol drinks like Martinis or Manhattans, which become cloudy and unsmooth when shaken.

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A perfect, elegant classic, El Presidente:

Pour 1-1/2 oz. each white Rum and dry Vermouth, 1 teaspoon of Curaçao, and 1/2 teaspoon of Grenadine into an ice-filled cocktail shaker (YEAH cracking!).  STIR.  Strain into a chilled Martini glass or coupe.  Garnish with an orange twist and a cocktail cherry.  (I've never had cocktail cherries on hand.  I just got some really good ones -- Fabbri Amarenas -- as part of my Quarantine Self-Indulgence Program.  Life is better.)

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1 minute ago, Sneakeater said:

A Garnish with ...a cocktail cherry.

I bought a jar of "good" cocktail cherries to adorn grandkids' ice cream.    The first time I served one, cherub, who had been raised on low sugar, low salt, fresh and organic fare,  spit it out and said, "Ama, it tastes like chemicals."    

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On 5/29/2020 at 7:40 PM, Anthony Bonner said:

Wouldn't you rather an ice cold cloudy martini over a crystal clear not quite cold one? 


On 5/29/2020 at 9:02 PM, Sneakeater said:

I dunno.  My Martinis are always cold enough.

Mine too...cracked good ice and proper stirring and a coupe out of the freezer ought to be able to handle the task.

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