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if the pandemic has taught us anything

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but i am very surprised that almost 10% people are in the 15-20 dishes range. well, i probably shouldn't be: people who cook are probably over-represented among those who see my tweets.

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i think at least 5.


one breakfast thing beyond toast/cereal/instant oatmeal: properly scrambled eggs or a simple omelet; even pancakes from a box mix.


two veg dishes. one stir-fry'ish, one soup or stew (beans, lentils)


two fish/meat dishes. one braise, one roast.

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I accidentally cooked a perfectly roasted chicken a few weeks ago [it was an accident because I forgot the time, but the actual oven temp was significantly lower than indicated]. This past weekend I was reminded why I don't often prepare rack of lamb [it seems really easy to burn the surface whilst I'm searing and basting in the pan].


But these have been notable exceptions, cooking at the smaller of my family's Jersey Shore homes, where they've hunkered down for the spring. In my own residences, I'm unable to cook for myself for logistical [Newark] or psychological [New York] reasons and so have been subsisting on microwaved foodstuffs or delivery. God only knows what my sodium levels must be now.

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By the time my sister graduated her cooking skills were limited to burning water. Now she's an accomplished home opener of containers and microwaver of frozen schnitzel. 


Give late bloomers a chance.

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