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Hi all - 2 new places in the same day? Yep, I'm the roving reviewer today!


Had a group event with Single Gourmet Austin tonight at 219 West, which surprisingly enough, is at 219 W 4th street downtown. Across from Halcyon and Fado's for reference.


I've always wanted to go here since I used to chat with the assistant chef every time he came through my checkstand at Central Market - they buy their bread and produce from there, so you know that's good!


Live music is performed nightly at 219 West. The live jazz blended into the background and set a good groove. Patrons enjoyed the strolling sax player and got into the groove without having to pretend to love jazz for the sake of jazz.


The interior is a scaled-down décor that is reminiscent of a hotel lounge. 219 West is a classier, less-pretentious place than many of the bars in Austin. We were on the "upper" lounge, there was another party room/lounge area below us, and could survey the bar itself.


They have a pretty good wine selection and the menu is divided in an interesting way - each page is a drink and foods that go well with it. I recall Scotch, Beer, Martinis, and Wine, each listed with appetizers and a petite entree. They also had tasting flights of wine with goodly sized samples that came with descriptions! :(


I propose a group outing in the near future to this location - music, wine, and enough different foods to interest us all, plus a central location!


Place: 219 West, 219 West 4th St. Austin, TX 78701

Phone: (512) 474-2194

Dress: Business casual (but as we know in Austin biz casual means change out of your flipflops)


Appetizers we had:

• Spinach & Mushroom quesadillas - with a bit of teriyaki. These were all eaten before I got a shot at them.

• Grilled chicken lettuce wraps - delightful! Not the chopped muck you get at places-I-will-not-name but chunks of chicken with tomatoes, a bit of onion, and identifiable pieces of good mozzarella, perfectly portioned out onto the lettuce. The top pick of the evening.

• Gulf seafood beignets - missed those completely. :(

• Mini Caprese burgers - Whitecastle goes upscale. Mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, and beef on a buttered grilled minibun. Good, especially compared to your normal bar food.

• Baked crab stuffed mushrooms - sadly, missed these as well. I love stuffed shrooms!

• Brie with toast - well, it's brie and toast. How can you make that badly?

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Guess I'm not as cool as I think I am :( because I'd never even heard of this place until your review, Longhorngal. I really need to get a subscription to Austin Monthly.


Here's a link to their website. I'm dying to try this place on a Wednesday.




They're doing a count down on Wine Spectator's top wines, which started yesterday and continues each Wednesday over a 10 week period.




And here's what Moira Muldoon had to say about it...




(yeah, I'm all about links today)


Pretty cool.

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How long has that place been open?

Don't know, but looks like it's a little less than a year old. Those mini cheeseburgers sound good.


Aside from the food, it sounds like it's kind of a pick-up joint for swanky people :(.

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