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This may be a sacrilege to mention, but the happiest plants in my fledgling garden are.... Rancho Gordo beans! I have Alubia Blancas, Midnight Blacks and Domingo Rojos, and they are all about 3 inches

pulled one last (and only the second overall) large'ish harvest of tomatoes and peppers from the community garden plot today. would have been more if not for the fact that i failed to go out there for

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Okay, they're gross when you have a pailful of them.

No - they're gross individually. They're just a mouth and a body that keeps getting bigger. 

However, during the recent cicada uprising, I was cleaning up after dinner with a top window open for some cross ventilation, and one of the fuckers flew into my kitchen. At first, I thought it was a bat or an eagle, but it was merely a cicada. Which forced me to finish what I was doing and exit the kitchen premises. I left the lights on in there so it would be content to stay and not seek out other lights. The cat was fascinated. The next morning (this is within the last 2 or 3 weeks) I went in with a broom held high - and found the creature on its back nestled in between the Silvia and the Rocky - it had somehow gotten itself caught. To say these things are hideous is really not doing its hideousness any justice.  I was able to capture it using a pint container and the old slide some aluminum foil under the container trick. Down the chute it went, and I only needed a week's worth of therapy and Trintellix.

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I hate those damn worms. In normal times when I was traveling a lot, I'd come home to tomato plants stripped clean. My revenge, since the plants were basically destroyed, was to wait until maximum afternoon sun/heat and drop the worms on the raging hot pavers. And yes, just like an egg, the pavers are hot enough to cook a worm 💀

Oddly enough, this year I haven't had a single one. 

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