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Me & the Pulse Oximeter

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So I heard that using one of these is a way to measure your blood oxygen level.  And depending on your measurement, this could be an early pre-symptom indicator of whether you have Covid-19.  Sounded easy enough.  But apparently others had heard about this.  I went to about a dozen pharmacies looking for one.  Each time I would find a blank space on the shelf where the stock had been depleted.  When I would ask the pharmacist, he/she would either look at me funny or tell me to check back in a month or so (not having frequented this area of pharmacies, I did discover all manner of tests and testing equipment for blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer, pregnancy, veneral disease, etc. in stock).   It was also suggested I try to get one online.  So, I went on Amazon only to find they had tons of them (although some were currently not available) but always at higher prices than the empty shelf pharmacy prices.  Nonetheless I decided to go for it.  I ordered one.  I waited to hear something about a delivery date or tracking number for about 2 weeks.  Finally, I was given a date about 3 weeks hence.  The date passed with no delivery.  Instead I got a message telling me that the product must have been lost  in transit.  I was thus given the option of cancelling the order.  I decided to cancel.  I then went back to searching pharmacies to no avail. 

So about 2 weeks after my cancellation request, a package arrived.  This was indeed the pulse oximeter.  Unlike my understanding that batteries were included, they were not.  O well.  I grabbed two AAA batteries and installed them.  I tried to read the instructions that came with the product, but they are in the smallest font visible to the human eye with the aid of a high powered microscope.  I decided to wing it.  Now it was time to insert a finger.  It seems natural to use the index finger, but it seems the middle finger is preferred.  I did it using the middle finger on each hand (ok, I also did use the index finger).  The readings obtained were 94 or 95.  This is good.  90 or below means you should run out and get tested for Covid or prepare to be afflicted and possibly meet your maker.  I'm not sure how meaningful this test is, but it is a way to waste about 6 weeks time during our shutdown. And you have this silly little gadget to mess with.

eta:  Unrelated, but possibly of interest.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Me_and_the_Orgone


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I don't know how accurate your oximeter is but you should really aspire (ha) to be around 98-100. 94 isn't necessarily a problem per se but it can be indicative of respiratory or coronary issues to come. 

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On 5/31/2020 at 8:44 PM, Sneakeater said:

I mean, I promised her I'd BUY it.  I never promised to USE it.

Reminds me of the local government agency whose phone was never picked up.   When enough annoyance built, their response was "We are required to maintain a phone line.   But nothing requires us to answer a call."

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