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Input Sought on Viking Food Processor

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I do pie crust in the food processor too!


As well as grate green papaya for salad (so much faster than a mandoline or the traditional way). In fact any veg where I need a large-ish quantity and where it doesn't matter that they aren't cut in perfect match like uniformness gets put through my cuisinart.


And pesto, pesto gets done in the food processor.

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Other things to make in the fp:



flavored mayonnaise (a whisk works great for plain ones, but when you want to add garlic, herbs, and other stuff the fp blade works better)

crumb toppings for fruit crips

although some may consider it saccrelige -- potatoes for potato latkes.

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Don't forget table salsa! The blender makes it too frothy. I use my mini-processor from KA much more than my large, old, but loved, Cuisinart.


And grating large amounts of cheese.


I am finding KA to be better designed, more attractive and better customer service than Cusinart. If I were buying a new model, I'd consider KA first. The Cuisnart customer service was very bad. My burr coffee grinder broke after 2 weeks and it took literally months to replace it. The mini-prep from KA had a problem and it was solved before I blinked.


I have and use a large FP, a small one (used ALL the time), a blender (essential for Mexican food) and a immersion blender (I don't think it's essential but I'm awfully glad to have it).

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Today, I've used mine for shredding brussell sprouts for sauteeing w/pancetta , and to make blue cheese dressing for Sunday's buffalo shrimp. If my son brings home friends after the hockey game today, and I have a crowd of teenage boys, I will use it to grate cheese for pasta..if its just a few for dinner I'd use the hand grater.


Other than the toaster, its my most used appliance.

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I like the KA for heavy batters, like cheesecakes and super-large sour-cream coffee cakes.


I do like my stick blender for smoothing out tomato sauces and thick soups. Much easier to use the stick than pour into another thing that needs to get cleaned. :(

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I can't remember when I last didn't make pastry in the processor.



Last fall, someone kindly posted a link to Kohl's discontinuing those KitchenAid food processors on eG. I jumped in line and ordered one without batting an eyelash. I like it much better than my mother's Cuisinart.


Although I don't use it as often as I should, but I made my last batch of rugulach dough in it.


Worked fabulously.

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