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Input Sought on Hand-Held Blender

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Does she put wooden cutting boards in the dishwasher too???

My sister is a germ-phobe and has horrid glass cutting boards that chip knife blades. And make the knife slip, raising the specter of digital amputation. She has one plastic cutting board which I will use. When I visit her, I am expected to cook. I bring my own knives. :(

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I am reminded that when our Braun died, it was a bit of a tragedy, as it spewed what seemed to be rusty motor parts into the cream.


There are many easy but delicious sauces that require no special equipment: a Bercy, for example, which would be very nice with sautéed fish.


Or maybe even a Beurre Blanc? no blending required, just a little bit of chopping.

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I own the Kitchenaid immersion blender that you referenced, (in boring white) and it's acceptable. I don't use it often...the food processor and Kitchenaid blender get more of a work out...but the immersion blender is great with hot things, like soups that need to be blended . I suspect every cook, novice or pro, has a story about hot soup exploding in the blender. My friend does not have a home that works for entertaining, so I had a pool birthday party for her 6 year old and friends over the summer..we used the blender for ice cream blend ins for each kids...it did a respectable job on the crushed oreos, but not so great w/ the frozen snickers bars.

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Is it cordless? How heavy is it? I've been toying with the idea of getting one of these for soup pureeing in the pot, but I don't have any space left in my kitchen for anything, really. I was hoping that the hand-held could simply replace the countertop blender, but I'm not convinced that it can.

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