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So...here's the elephant in the room question...

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I'd like to repeat:  I'm not that worried about infection.  But I just can't see going out with a mask, and then taking it off to eat but still dealing with waitstaff in masks.  Yuk.

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I wouldn't go because it wouldn't be fun.  I don't have to think hard about whether I'm comfortable with the health risks.  The experience wouldn't be enjoyable enough to outweigh even a modest risk.

The road to sanity is long, and far away. (At least we each have our own seating area - 800 square feet grows smaller every day!)

We’re typically having  4 and no more than 6 including us and only close friends that we know have been safe. All of our dinners/lunches with friends have been outside. It has provided us a bit of san

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You know, every time I go out marketing, I come home and am having a hard time breathing and I think, "OMG, I'm gonna DIE.

But then I remember that I'm wearing a mask obstructing my nose and mouth.


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3 hours ago, Steve R. said:

  Interaction with wait staff is a bit awkward at times but can be managed if everyone is on the same page, safety wise.

But are we? They?

39 minutes ago, prasantrin said:

As long as we keep the Americans and Ontarians out, anyway, since at least 5 of the current cases are truckers who traveled through Ontario and/or the US.

So far, so good.

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Okay, here's something to chew on.    In late January, our granddaughter became ill over night while on a sleep over.   Her mom picked her up  with 104F fever.    Shortly her dad was felled.   UC called it Influenze strain A.    I came down with it in 4 days.   Low fever but incessant coughing and felling fatigue.   I slept for about 22 hours a day for over a week, surfacing only to use the bathroom and drink Meyer lemon water husband supplied.    He came down with it with similar symptoms.    Son had high fever and was flat out for a week.   D-I-L and 2 other children all had it in some form.    Husband and I had had the new "enhanced" over 65 recommended flu shot last fall, and son's entire household had had flu shots.   

In retrospect, with the conversation now tending toward undiagnosed cases and suggestions that perhaps a third of US has had a form of corona, we are thinking that we are in that statistic, since our symptoms match those for uncomplicated cases and since our "flus" were before Corona was on everyone's horizon.

The irony is that, regardless if we test positive for antibodies, the recommendations are the same as non-infected since they don't know the extent, if any, of immunity after infection.

The bright side is that it may be possible for people at very high risk, our age, can come through this with only the discomfort of a bad flu.

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The way outdoors seating has been handled so far will some day be studied in an advanced course of incompetent urban planning. 

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That sounds like the city's legal dept put together a rule telling restaurants they can't really be open, but not explicitly stopping them from being open.

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Posted (edited)
On 6/25/2020 at 5:15 PM, E.L.A. said:

OK folks, non-political, non-BS...

How many of you are comfortable going to a restaurant -- for outdoor seating -- if the restaurant/ownership is practicing social distancing, all staff is wearing gloves and masks, and the outdoor seating space is something less than full capacity?

Anyone comfortable going to a restaurant for INDOOR seating? Same conditions as above? 

Thanks in advance.

I was in the Hamptons this past weekend, meeting friends who had been out there since March. It's a totally different environment than the city, to say the least. On Thursday, I had my first restaurant meal since March 13, outdoors. It wasn't good. The food sucked, but it was also stressful and weird. It feels very strange to be served by masked waiters while not wearing a mask. Might have been better if the food/service was better (won't let that experience dissuade me from trying Foxface).

On Friday, we had a reservation to sit outside at a different restaurant, and that afternoon got call that we would be moved inside due to the pouring rain.  My three dining companions were ok with that, but I nixed it.  So, no, I won't eat indoors.

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I went out last Wednesday for the first time since early August and it also was just not fun. Normally a buzzy place, it had no buzz with only 1/2 the number of tables and no one at the bar.  $150 later my wife and I both said we're staying home for the foreseeable future. Having friends over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sad. 

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2 hours ago, joethefoodie said:

I worry about having friends over.

Indeed.    We have new neighbors moving in next door and Chuck has somehow become the block Mr. Congeniality.    I am letting him have his fantasy while I wonder how we would serve such a group (20), no finger food, no passed tidbits, no open wine table, and certainly not least who would want to come!     Boggles my mind.   

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9 hours ago, voyager said:

I wonder how we would serve such a group (20), no finger food, no passed tidbits, no open wine table, and certainly not least who would want to come!  

Give everyone bags of potato chips and pretzels, along with (they make much more than Pinot Noir, so)...


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