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comparing grocery carts

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At least a few times a year, I've been interrogated about an ingredient or product in my grocery cart, or while selecting brand A instead of brand B..."how do you prepare that....haveyou ever tried that before..etc. " I've always been receptive, responding and sometimes engaging in a conversation. It's happened more often recently ...I think I am a very non threatening harmless looking person...like everybody's neighbor, (but not on Wisteria Lane :( !) ...Anyway, I've recently become a "commentator" myself..if I see someone at an ethnic grocery, or even Shop Rite, with something in their cart I'm not familiar with, I sometimes ask them questions about it. I had a great conversation with an Indian woman about buying large bags of basmati...( I tend to buy those cleaned, expensive smaller quanities) and then asked the woman who was unloading Bobby Flay basting sauce on the conveyer ahead of me in line what she thought of it.


Is this intrusive? Are you open to these kinds of conversations? And, even if you think its terrible...do you at least admit to looking into others carts? In typing this, I'm wondering if I don't sound a bit lonely and crazy..I assure you, not the case! :(

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I occasionally get questions about stuff in my shopping cart, at least once a month. I think the absence of much competence in the store staff plays a role in this (e.g., the cheese attendant doesn't like cheese, she got the job with seniority).


More often, I get questions about my lists. I cary a looseleaf binder with the floor plan of the ShopRite, aisle by aisle. I just check off stuff I need, sale prices, 3x coupons, etc. Similar floor plan for Kings, with their stuff checked off. That way, there's rarely a need to double back, and I rarely forget anything I really need.

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Guest ailailail

Kim, I often have conversations with fellow queuers (is that a word?), sometimes about food sometimes about the outrageous headlines in the tabloids lining the magazine rack by the checkout, and sometimes just plain chitchat...


I do find older people more open to conversations though, and it always seem to make their day.


Now... Have you ever been in a queue in front or behind someone who's cart is loaded with nothing but bad choices (overprocessed, high sugar, high sodium, nutrientless items) nary a fresh veg or fruit in sight, and find yourself biting your tongue? I am, too often. As I get older and "vieillesse oblige" sets in, I'm afraid I may one day actually say something... and if my sister read this she'd shake her head and say "yup, you will" :(

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paul, no comment :(


omni, hopefully I am not engaging anyone who seems extremely focussed on the task,that usually means they want to get the chore done with


ail, on the opposite side, I have actually unloaded a particularly heavy on the soda/chip/mac and cheese laden cart and then explained to the cashier and anyone in earshot: "We're headed to the mountains, I'm stocking up on things for the kids after skiing" or

"my son is having a bunch on kids over tonight, need to stock up!!" Really, it is usually the truth, but really, what would a psychiatrist attribute my need to explain my groceries to complete strangers!!???

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