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what hard seltzers are you drinking?

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evil water cherry cola pastry seltzer - 4.5% abv. as I mentioned in last night's beer post evil twin has really started to focus on adjuncts since the lock down and have been releasing two of these almost every week. apparently this is different than white claw because the alcohol is the result of fermenting some of the cane sugar they use as a base, whereas white claw is seltzer water with alcohol made from malted grains and natural flavors, which actually makes white claw seem better? so this is a slightly opaque whiteish liquid that looks like carbonated coconut water or watered down cream soda. this was made with cherry cola syrup, but it's pretty light bodied and it's more like one of the really highly flavored seltzers than a soda.    on the off chance that someone reading this is actually curious about how I think this tastes I think there's more cherry than cola, and I bet the cherry cola syrup they used isn't from coke or pepsi. I don't really know what to make of this, although I bet that a fentiman's cherry cola with enough vodka to get it to the same abv would be slightly better and maybe less embarrassing. I bet my kids would prefer a milkshake ipa. might delete later, as the other kind of kids say.

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I generally find hard seltzers cloying.  I'm also not really into alcoholizing every type of beverage.  That being said, I got the huckleberry seltzer from Brewery X in Anaheim as part of a virtual beer tasting and found it the best one so far (though I still wouldn't purposefully buy it).

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