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This year's summer vacation was a week's roadtrip, basically heading up the coast from NYC. The initial intention was to get to Maine, but we found too much to do on the way. In short: Narragansett, Milford, Cranston, Cape Cod, Plymouth, Brockton, Gloucester, New Bedford, Mystic, then back via several beaches.

Dined out a couple of times, and as we were on the kind of big terraces you find at waterfront restaurants, it was the closest to normal dining out I've done since February. Not destination dining: good lobster at The Black Whale in New Bedford, scallops at Engine Room in Mystic. Restaurants were busy in Massachusetts, and we observed dining (and drinking) indoors, with tables spaced apart. Also ate fried clam bellies, of course.

Good things. The remarkable Doane Rock in the Cape Cod National Shoreline Park. I liked Gloucester too: I could spend a few days there looking at historical stuff and touring the harbor. Charles Olson deserves a larger plaque on his house, him being 6'7 and all. Also, a cute possum on the loose.

Bad things. An AirBnB with not only no kitchen (expected) but no drinking vessels of any kind, not paper, not plastic, nothing. I had to cut the bottom off a plastic water bottle for my first cocktail, before my wife had the brilliant idea of ordering a cup of ice with our delivery dinner.  The Mashpee wildlife reserve, where the wildlife most in evidence was endless swarms of mosquitoes. And the plethora of beaches designated private, for residents or members only.

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6 minutes ago, Wilfrid said:

Thank you. With touring old factories and stuff, I can see three or four days there. We skipped Salem, fearing just shops with witch memorabilia.

We love Gloucester, and have spent three or four days there, three or four times. Right at Bass Rocks.

Cape Ann is spectacular in a much different way than Cape Cod.

Great place to chase lobster rolls and fried clams...


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